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JSB by Mind Map: JSB
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modern kids

what creates meaning for them?


from scarcity to abundance

gee - sounds an awful lot like what I often talk about when I talk about snowflake :-)


long tail

stability is no longer our luxury


culture of learning

brewing perfect storm of opportunity

open participatory learning ecosystem with feedback loops

also helps to improve learning theories

not learning in the abstract but real work

social view of learning

participation is key

understanding is socially constructed

learning in interaction with others and the world

nothing beats study groups, in the physical or virtual world

architecture studio as an example

"learning to be" rather than "learning about"


Faulkes telescope project

Decameron web


I liked the use of comics to illustrate points

I liked what I heard (I should: I often say many of the same things), but, frankly, didn't hear anything new

maybe value was more in how he tied it all together