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JSB by Mind Map: JSB

1. from scarcity to abundance

1.1. history

1.1.1. manufacturing

1.1.2. consumer

1.1.3. co-creation

1.2. long tail

1.2.1. there is a niche learning community for anything you are passionate about

1.3. stability is no longer our luxury

1.3.1. from stocks to flows

1.3.2. from supply push to demand pull

1.4. learning2.0

1.5. culture of learning

1.5.1. recreation becomes re-creation

1.5.2. participatory lifelong learning

1.5.3. ultimate sustainability model

2. meta

2.1. I liked the use of comics to illustrate points

2.1.1. made me think of "reinventing comics"

2.2. I liked what I heard (I should: I often say many of the same things), but, frankly, didn't hear anything new

2.3. maybe value was more in how he tied it all together

3. modern kids

3.1. what creates meaning for them?

3.1.1. also: for us?

3.2. tinkering

3.2.1. rebirth as open source, remix, mashups, ... less gender specific than it used to be open source as participatory learning platform write code meant to be read engagement through additions grounded discussions on real problems remix new kind of reading creating meaning by integrating imagination with that of author in remix

3.2.2. difficult to open modern physical devices

3.2.3. attending from rather than attending to (Polanyi)

3.2.4. culture of participation creating meaning by what I produce and others build on prosumers

4. brewing perfect storm of opportunity

4.1. open participatory learning ecosystem with feedback loops

4.1.1. OER

4.1.2. eScience

4.1.3. eHumanities

4.1.4. Web2.0

4.2. also helps to improve learning theories

4.3. not learning in the abstract but real work

5. social view of learning

5.1. participation is key

5.2. understanding is socially constructed

5.3. learning in interaction with others and the world

5.4. nothing beats study groups, in the physical or virtual world

5.5. architecture studio as an example

5.5.1. work in progress is made public

5.6. "learning to be" rather than "learning about"

5.6.1. Polanyi


5.7.1. Technology Enabled Active Learing

5.7.2. Technology Enabled Active Learning

5.7.3. marking needs to change if you want students to help one another

5.8. Faulkes telescope project

5.8.1. remote access

5.8.2. real experiments

5.8.3. pool and analyze results with master

5.8.4. amateurs (from amare!) are changing astronomy

5.9. Decameron web

5.9.1. Brown University

5.9.2. window into practice of scholarship in narrow field