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Mindmap meister by Mind Map: Mindmap meister

1. learning

1.1. MindMeister allows students team to be more innovative by providing a shared collaboration and brainstorming environment on the web. Plan projects, manage learning and sketch out study plans online with partners in real time!

1.2. - Students can brainstorm online with their team

1.3. Students can feel ncrease innovation and creativity

1.4. MindMeister is deeply integrated into Google Drive, allowing students to open and edit many mind map formats such as MindManager, Freemind and XMind directly from your Google Drive

1.5. Students can use Mind Meister map out research projects, both individually and in groups. For individual projects, students would create their mind maps and then insert their references and extras such as videos that could be used during presentations into the mind map.

1.6. The collaboration ability of Mind Meister for students to work together to complete a project.This would be a very useful tool for students putting abstracts and posters together for conferences.

1.7. Mind Meister offers the collaboration tool, only one person (the instructor) would need to have an account and students could view the content of their mind map over and over throughout the semester. It is a very useful way to use this tool to map out the entire semester for a course and continually add resources under different “nodes” of the course as resources for students.

1.8. students can work on mind maps collaboratively, can add files, links, tasks, and notes to the various “nodes”

1.9. Boast memory

1.10. can take notes

2. Teaching

2.1. With mind mapping software, teacher can easily modify and delete data.mind map changes with their plans but without any messy crossings-out. It stays looking professional. They can show their mindmap to students for the new lesson

2.1.1. I

2.2. Design lesson plans for sthe new lesson

2.3. Motivate the students' attitude towards the lesson. They maybe feel more exciting and relaxed because the teacher's lesson is lively and vivid with lots of colors and images

2.4. Stimulate the students' ability and creaty

2.5. Facilitate the students' study process because the mind map helps them understand easilier and more interestingly

2.6. Can create structure of book

3. Background information

3.1. Mind Meister is a downloadable tool for creating mind maps and brainstorming.

3.2. Using Mind Meister is very straightforward and allows you to add some extras to your mind maps that other programs do not such as notes, files, links, and tasks.

3.3. Mind Meister also allows for group collaboration on mind maps.

4. Researching

4.1. plant out different instructional unit

4.2. introduce any new concept or themes

4.3. Create an interactive graphic organization

4.4. Brainstorm idea with students on a certain topic

4.5. create an interactive study gride