Worship Ministry Committe

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Worship Ministry Committe by Mind Map: Worship Ministry Committe

1. WM Director

1.1. Carol Sim

1.1.1. Lead Service Overseers Service Overseer (Eng, Chn, Amplify) Recruitment Rostering Oversees operation of weekly services

1.1.2. Ministry to members' spiritual life

1.1.3. admin and operations

1.1.4. Logistics and purchase

1.1.5. empowerment

1.1.6. Ensure selection of songs are tied to sermon series

1.1.7. Lead a Worship Special Cell

2. Training & Resourses Manager

2.1. Works closely with Service Overseers, A/V manager to create training for present team and new recruits

2.2. Source for Training Meterials/Trainers

2.3. Introduce new / give updates to new songs (approval from director and pastors)

3. Technical/Media Manager

3.1. Oversees Media Ministry Team

3.1.1. source, produce and propose media dept growth

3.1.2. Media team

3.1.3. Lights team

3.1.4. Audio Team

3.2. Oversees/manage the techinical equipment

3.2.1. request for purchases

4. WM Deputy Director?

4.1. Kelvin Teo

4.1.1. communicate vision

4.1.2. build band synergy

4.1.3. create mentoring platforms,

4.1.4. team coordination right people in right place, raise new people,

4.1.5. Lead a worship special cell.

5. Team/Projects Manager

5.1. Rostering for Special events

5.2. Rostering for Prayer Meeting

5.3. Plan / assist / manage church level projects