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Let's Wreck The POP Curriculum What are the Topics You Really Want? by Mind Map: Let
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Let's Wreck The POP Curriculum What are the Topics You Really Want?

Building the site

Not for me James

New Site altogether, or revamping old? (Good question) - Buth

I am very willing to reboot current efforts but I need to deliver better results, I am unsatisfied with my current results

A main site versus many sites

Technical stuff

if community is most important, I need to know the best enabling technology

Niche identification

I think it is really important to have a strategy, objectives and a workplan to accomplish your goals

In italian or in english?- Moreno -Ryuichi [different places, different niches]

Content Production

New Content through community

crowdsourcing content

Social Media Marketing


Need very much - ray - Moreno - Matteo

SEO and Online Marketing

Link building - Moreno - Ryuichi

How much time Google needs to "react" your SEO actions? How can you measure it?

Community Building

good for me - Ray - Moreno - Paolo

Social Networks (like Ning,etc.)

Co-creation concept as a way of engaging with communities

Communication Strategy

good for me - Ray - Moreno - Paolo - Buth

Content Distribution

RSS Feeds and Newsradars

really important - Paolo

B2B and related tools

Work around: I can't send text chat to All in GoToMeeting! jay - Buth-