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Respiration by Mind Map: Respiration
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This is the mind map for the topic of Respiratory System

has a system called

Respiratory System

in plants, Starts at, Stomata, Takes in, Air, Gives out, Air, Water Vapour, known as, Transpiration, has, Guard cells, takes place, All the time, irregardless of, Light

in fish, consists of, Mouth, takes in, Dissolved Oxygen, Gill filaments, enables, Gaseous Exchange, has, Feather like Structures, for, Better Gaseous Exchange, Tiny blood vessels, Gills, lets, Exchanged Gases, to, Flow out, is, One directional

in mammals, consist of, Mouth and Nose, takes in, Air, consist of, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Other gases, gives out, Air, has, More Carbon Dioxide, Less Oxygen, Water Vapour, Windpipe, goes into, Bronchi, splits into, Lungs, Lungs, has, air sacs (Aveoli), is, rounded, to increase, Exposed Surface Area, for better, Gaseous Exchange, takes in, Oxygen, give out, Carbon Dioxide, has, Tiny Blood Vessels, on the, Surface

is not


is the process, Inhaling, Exhaling


Breaking Down of Food

to release, Energy