Gran Torino

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Gran Torino by Mind Map: Gran Torino

1. key events/moments that develop the narrative

1.1. thao is pressured into attempting to steal car

1.1.1. This action is the foundation upon which the story line begins. Thao and Walt's relationship begins. Production Techniques; swinging light~ Walt's not sure who's attempting to steal his car. Camera looks up the barrel of the gun when Walt points his gun at Thao. Walt falls over, coughs up blood: shows weakness, camera looking down- beginning of the end?

1.2. walt goes to neighbours barbecque

1.2.1. Begins to open to someone, though guarded at first and starts to feel like he's finally accepted. Production Techniques: lots of light. cameras; Walt's perspective~ observing the room. Close up shots of facial expressions

1.3. Walt's death

1.3.1. Walt finds inner peace. Endpoint. What story has been building up to. Creates perfect peaceful life for Thao and Sue- they can now live their lives free. Production Techniques: conceit~ goes afternoon to darkness. Religious symbolism~ Walt dies in the position of Jesus Christ on the cross. Walt doesn't bring an actual weapon~ provokes them. Dies in peace- music?

2. How characters develop and change their decisions, motivations and what influences them

2.1. Walt

2.1.1. Beginning: isolates himself and emotions; being rude, racist. Living through each day, waiting for death, wants to be left and totally self-sufficient. At the end: He becomes at peace with himself, his sins, his neighbours. Makes friends and invests his time into creating a safe future for them.

2.2. Priest: Padre

2.2.1. Beginning: he comes across as an innocent man, walt sees him as a pushover with no real knowledge and with little life experience, so the audience sees him in the same way. but as the movie progresses and walt and the father become closer, we find that he is a strong, intelligent character, with a good heart.

2.3. Thao

2.3.1. Beginning: Thao is quite, lonely, and not confident in himself. He never looks anyone in the eye when speaking to them, and can't stand up for himself when his cousins pressure him into trying to steal the Gran Torino. He doesn't even have the confidence to talk to the girl he likes.At the end: Thao has developed a strong relationship with Walt, and looks to him as a role model. He is sable to finally stand up for himself and to the 'gang', he gets a jobs, and asks out a girl. Walt was a great influence on Thao as he started to mature, as he led by example and taught Thao many life lessons and skills. In the beginning when Walt is speaking to Thao, the camera looks down on him, and Thao never looks Walt in the eyes, even when in a family environment, Thao isn't 'the man of the house', he gets pushed around by the women, as shown when he is gardening in the front yard as Sue looks down on him from the Veranda. At the end: As Thao drives off in Walts car, it is a pan view of him, daisy the dog, the Gran Torino and long road ahead - a positive future.

3. relationships that develop between characters and outcomes of these relationships

3.1. Walt and Family

3.1.1. Scene when son and wife go to give him birthday gift of brochures and phone, grabber Production Techniques: Walt's facial expressions; camera switching from gift to Walt's face as he gets angrier?

3.2. Walt and Priest: Padre

3.2.1. In the beginning Walt despises the Priest and doesn't agree with the advice that he tries to give Walt. But by the end, Walt is able to understand that Padre is there to help, and he opens up to him. This is shown when he goes to the confession finally. In the first scene of the movie, there are many zoomed up shots and close ups of Walt face, showing his disapproval towards the Priests words. But in the end, while sitting in the confession room, and also when 'Padre' comes over after Sue is found bashed up, Walt treats the Priest as a friend whom he can talk to.

3.3. Walt and Thao

3.3.1. As the story begins Walt views Thao as inferior, incompetent and a thief. He is completely against his beliefs as he is is extremely racist and doesn't warm up to him. However, under the forced circumstances he begins to share a unique bond as Thao works to pay off his guilt of stealing the car. Walt begins to grow a liking towards Thao and enjoys his company. Though his racist remarks are still prominent at certain moments, Walt opens up his heart to Thao lending him tools and helping him earn a job~ something he failed to do with his own sons. He is protective over Thao especially when he confronts the gang members in their defence. And understands that the only way for Thao and Sue to live their lives to their fullest potential he has to sacrifice his own life. He also gives Thao his Gran Torino as a gift for helping him through a difficult time in his life. you think you're cool mercedes? yes:D

3.4. Walt and Sue

3.4.1. Walt is quite protective of Sue from the beginning and actually treats her like a friend. "you know kid, you're alright". He's fond of her, understands that she has a long and prosperous future ahead of her. Sue also pushes Walt's limits, inviting him over calling him "Wally" she understands that he is lonely and that he fails to admit it she exposes him to a new world Production techniques: lighting - always very bright and happy when the two meet at the start facial exprssions