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Content Management by Mind Map: Content Management

1. Drupal

1.1. (most?) popular

1.2. my last impression was kinda buggy, but straightforward

1.3. backend raises quality flags

1.3.1. poor DB abstraction as evidenced by lack of support/buginess for MySQL

1.3.2. failure to adhere to SQL standards

1.4. drupal site will laid out/accessible

2. Joomla

2.1. architecture is insane

2.1.1. conceptual model very thick and idiomatic

2.1.2. a lot of overloaded concepts

3. Plain Old HTML

3.1. often best for applications

3.2. why not for small sites?

3.3. I liked the blogger (et al) model where you could manage in app and publish to a static site

4. Mambo

4.1. seems database agnostic

4.2. site/forums give impression of high quality code

4.3. site is hard to navigae

4.4. PHP

5. Roll Your Own