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Cooperation between education and business by Mind Map: Cooperation between
education and business
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Cooperation between education and business

Gdansk; Communication Schools

Connecting demand and supply

Training in/with companies

Part time jobs

Glasgow; Get Ready for Work


Person led support mechanism

Re-engage with learning, training and/or employment

Rotterdam; Community School

Multi actor approach

Guidance, councelling, support and care

Drop outs age 16-23

"Individual" educational strategy

Tirgu-Mures; Employment opportunities for the young

Training and retraining of young (graduates)

Demand and supply driven

Real results = jobs

Patras; Drasyna project

Survey as starting point

Consulting, networking and promotion services

ICT app's


Riga; Open Door Week

Matching possibilities

Program based

Media as a tool

Multi actor approach

Warsaw; Edu - business coop

Push-driven coop between voc schools and business

Learning in the company/plant

Job focussed

Scholarships, competitions