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1. Went to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. from 1964-1968.

2. Environment

2.1. Also one perserved lots of land to be restored and kept for other generations

2.2. Clinton's plan for the Environment was that he wanted to reduce the Emissions and the green house gases.

2.3. By the time he was out of office he want the Emissions to drop to a curtain number, but by the time he was done , the emissions were 15 percent above the target number

3. Scandals

3.1. The sex scandal hit headlines January 1998 in Washington post trial lasted for 21 days was acquitted of all charges he completed his term.

4. National Defense

4.1. Warned Bush that biggest problem was Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

4.2. Shrank military by 400,000 troops during 1990.

4.3. In 1993 he treated World Trade Center attack as a crime, not as terrorism.

4.4. Reduced US forces in Europe to 100,000 troops in 1996.

5. Terrorism

5.1. February 26th, 1993 - 6 people killed, over 1 thousand injured in bombing under World Trade Center; began string of threats towards U.S.

5.2. June 26th, 1993 U.S. Navy attacked Iraq intelligence operations in Bagdad after learning Iraqis plotted to kill George H. Bush during his visit to Kuwait; 23 tomahawk missiles fired, 8 people killed.

5.3. October 3-4th, 1993 American special forces searching for Mohammed in Somalia's capital Mogadishu were ambushed by Mohammed's forces; 18 Americans died. 3 days later Clinton said the military personnel in Somalia will be home by March 31st.

5.4. April 19th, 1995 a bomb in a truck parked in front of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City kills 168 people and causes massive structural damage.

5.5. August 7th, 1998 terrorists bomb American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing 224 including 20 Americans; August 20th military launch reprisal strikes on terrorist related facilities in Afghanistan, bin Laden's country, and Sudan.

6. Background

6.1. Born in the small town of Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946.

6.2. Named after his father William who died in a car accident before he was born.

6.2.1. Virginia, his mother, remarried to Roger Clinton who was a drunk and abusive to his younger half-brother and mom. After a while at age 14 and 6 feet tall Bill stood up to him and the abuse stopped; the drinking didn't and they divorced in 1962.

6.3. Taught to read by his grandparents at age 3 when he stayed with them while his mother went to nursing school.

6.4. Played jazz music on the saxophone.

6.5. Got a scholarship to Oxford University in England for 2 years and in 1970 went back to the U.S. and got another scholarship to Yale Law school where he met Hillary Rodham and married in 1975.

6.6. In 1978 at age 32 became the youngest governor in Arkansas history.

7. Foreign Policy/Relations

7.1. Played an instrumental role in the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998.

7.2. Clinton worked with NATO, a military alliance between Europe and North America, to bomb Serbia to end Slobodan Milosevic's ethnic cleansing campaign. He then sent 20,000 American troops to enforce peace in the region, the mission ended with no American Casualties.

7.3. He nearly completed a historic Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement at Camp David in 2001.

8. Economics

8.1. Some other things Clinton did during his presidency was that he made the Unemployment rate drop to the lowest in 30 years, and he also made 7 million Americans out of poverty

8.2. The Clinton administration was one of the best in the US history because of how much stuff it did for American

8.3. During Clinton's terms , he was able to change a lot in the economy, he was able to make the most jobs in a single adminstration, and was able to get the strongest economy for years

9. Interesting Facts

9.1. The second president ever to be impeached by the American people

9.2. Clinton's Nickname is Bubba, and common southern name.

9.3. Clinton ordered the CIA to capture Osama Bin Laden alive. Which resulted in a failed opportunity to kill him at an Al Quida training camp in 2000.

10. civil rights

10.1. 1991: pledged to allow gays to serve openly in military.

11. domestic issues

11.1. signed the personal responsibility that was to end war.

12. ideology/political beliefs

12.1. he is a democrat and holds true to all of hisbeliefs