Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan by Mind Map: Ronald Reagan

1. His policy was based on reducing the growth of government spending, reduce the federal income tax and capital gains tax, reduce government regulation and control the money supply.

2. Severe recession in 1982

2.1. Pushed the nations unemployment rate to nearly 11%, the highest since the Great Depression

3. "Reaganomics"

3.1. He lowered the inflation from 12.5% to 4.4% in his last year in office.

3.1.1. Wanted to stimulate the economy and increase revenues from taxes as income levels grow

3.2. The Unemployment rate was lowered from 10.8% to 5.4%

3.2.1. Significant cuts in spending on social-welfare programs such as education, food stamps, low-income housing, school lunches for the children who were poor, and AFDC(Aid to families with dependent children)

3.3. His opponents referred to this policies as trickle down economics, tax policies that benefit the wealthy will create a "trickle down" effect to the poor.

4. Economics

5. Backround

5.1. He was born in Illinois. He was the first persident to be divorced and to be married again

6. Foreign Policy/Relations

6.1. "Peace through strengths"

6.2. Increased defense spending by 35% during his 2 terms

6.3. Treaty was made to eliminate missles

6.4. War?

6.4.1. Overall- restoration of prosperity and the goal of peace through strength seemed within reach during the Reagan years.

6.4.2. Evidence is revealed

6.5. Maintained the free flow of oil during the Iran-Iraq war.

6.5.1. Ronald gave support to anti-Communist engaged in armed forces in Central American, Asia, and Africa.

6.6. Reagan Doctrine

6.6.1. He gave support to anti-Communist who engaged in armed forces in Central American, Asia, and Africa

7. Terroism

7.1. He had a lot of problems with terrorists and he called a plan called the Terrorist Law.Where he wanted the Terrorist groups out.

8. Ideology/Political beliefs

8.1. He was a conservative republican.

8.2. He believed in a big military and few people working in the white house

8.3. He opposed all government supported health care programs. However he made little changes to the health system

8.4. He wanted to abolish the federal Department of Education but he didn't make any moves to accomplish it

8.5. He was a member of the NRA and generally favored relaxed restrictions on gun ownership

9. Environment

9.1. Signed Safe Drinking Water Act amendments requiring stronger controls on drinking water.

9.2. Established many parks-Great Basin national park.-77,000 acres

9.3. Signed into law the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act, which established efficiency standards for 12 types of residential appliances.

10. Scandals

10.1. conceded that the US sold weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

10.1.1. In hope of them freeing 7 american hostages

10.2. Negotiated with terrorist

10.3. failed to end drugs and illegal crime activities.

10.3.1. drugs were the number one issue in the 1988 presidential election

11. Domestic Issues

11.1. Followed "supply side"

11.2. He proposed massive tax cuts-35% reductions for both individual and corporate income taxes over a 3-year time

12. National defense

12.1. Ronald Reagan started a nuclear weapons "freeze" which prevented the united states from launching nuclear weapons.

12.2. If the U.S was going to be in danger of being attacked by any of the countries in the middle east he was prepared to declare war on them.

12.3. He is known for being the president that "ended" the cold war even though threats were still exchanged between the countries

12.4. He was born in Illinois. He was the first persident to be divorced and to be married again

13. Interesting Facts

13.1. Did you know.... President Ronald Reagan designated Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a national holiday.

13.2. Did you know... Ronald Reagan was the first president that had gone through a divorce

13.3. Did you know... Reagan was the oldest president to ever be elected at the age 69