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Geography(global warming) by Mind Map: Geography(global warming)

1. The global warming cause imbalance in weather which cause the place to experience extreme weather such as tornadoes,drought and hurricane etc .And it is supposed to increase for further years mainly because of extreme weathers such examples are tornadoes , drought and hurricanes etc .

1.1. impacts

1.1.1. sea levels are gonna rise because of global warming because the ice caps are gonna melts. So when it melts and the sea level rises it cause a huge havoc and disasters such as flood or even tsunami.Such countries include Bangladesh.

2. Green House gases

3. Causes

3.1. fdada\

4. sono power plant is one of the bad example of power station cuz it uses rubissh burning to provide electricity which actually release harmful gases it may seem it is good as it is removing waste from our place but actually it is not because it contributes to global warmiing.TO improve it we can use other methods like digging uo the groung than throwing the rubbish in that hole than close that hole it is actually not oly good because it contribute very less in the raising alert of global warming but it also contribute to the increase in fossil fuels.

4.1. sdd

5. Methods to improve the situations 1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle . 2. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning . 3. Change a Light Bulb . 4. Drive Less and Drive Smart . 5. Buy Energy-Efficient Products . 6. Use Less Hot Water . 7. Use the "Off" Switch. 8. Plant a Tree. 9. Get a Report Card from Your Utility Company. 10. Encourage Others to Conserve