General Information about Seoul Fortress Wall

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General Information about Seoul Fortress Wall by Mind Map: General Information about Seoul Fortress Wall

1. Why I recommend you to see Seoul Fortress Wall before starting to trip to Seoul

1.1. You can get outlook over the center of Seoul

1.1.1. make tour plan

1.2. location of places or sights where you want to go

1.3. where your lodgement is located in Old capital area

1.3.1. for example

1.3.2. If you are in Itaewon, You are outside of Old Seoul

1.4. connectivity between places where you have been to

1.5. outside fortress wall where you want to go

1.5.1. Hongdae is located in western side of Old Seoul

1.5.2. Itaewon is located in southern of Old Seoul

2. Sights inside walls

2.1. Palaces

2.1.1. Palaces was built in the point mountain back, in front of the water

2.1.2. Geongbukgung Bukaksan

2.1.3. Changkyunggung Eungbong

2.1.4. Gyungheegung Inwangsan

2.1.5. Duksugung Inwangsan

2.2. Historical sites

2.2.1. Sajikdan

2.2.2. Seoul Munmyo

2.2.3. Chongmyo

2.3. Wall Gates

2.3.1. Sung rae mun

2.3.2. Heung in ji mun

2.4. Vista Point

2.4.1. North to South Baegak bong Malbawi

2.4.2. East to West Inwangsan

2.4.3. West to East Naksan

2.4.4. South to North Namsan photo island

2.5. Villages & market

2.5.1. Bukchon

2.5.2. Sejong Village

2.5.3. Insadong

2.5.4. Samchungdong

2.5.5. Namdaemun Market

2.5.6. Namsan Hanok Village

2.6. Walking

2.6.1. Cheogyecheon

2.6.2. Gwanghwamun Square

2.6.3. Namdaemunro

2.6.4. Chongno

2.7. Westernized Historical site

2.7.1. Myungdong Catheral

2.7.2. Englican church

2.7.3. Chungdong church

3. Structure of Old Seoul city

3.1. All new building and roads, including Palaces, government office building etc

3.1.1. has been build within curtain wall

3.2. Road & Street

3.2.1. North-South axis Sejongro Donhwamuro Namdaemunro

3.2.2. West-East axis Chongno Euljiro Teugyero

3.3. Palaces

3.3.1. Gyeongbokgung

3.3.2. Changdukgung

3.3.3. Changkyunggung

3.3.4. Duksugung

3.3.5. Gyungheegung

3.4. Government office

3.5. Nobles residential area

3.5.1. Bukchon

3.6. Market

3.6.1. Namdaemun Market

3.6.2. Dongdaemun Market

3.7. Guild & Factory

3.8. Army & Police

3.9. Servants & Soldier lived inside castle

4. Seoul Fortress Wall

4.1. History

4.1.1. King Taejo started to build

4.1.2. King Sejong continued to build and fix

4.1.3. King Sukjong fixed the destructed parts

4.2. Urban planning

4.2.1. construct new capital instead of Gyekyung, Korea Dynasty's capital

4.2.2. defend external attacks

4.2.3. designed the architect for new capital, based on the philosophy of confucian and Fengshui considering natural geographic features

4.3. Fortress Structure

4.3.1. built curtain wall along 4 Mountains's ridge line Bukaksan main anchor and Northern wall line Inwangsan Western wall line Namsan Southern wall line Naksan Eastern wall line Big Lemon like The wall runs 18.1 km

4.3.2. 1 Bell Tower Chongkag was built the center of Old Seoul

4.3.3. Wall gates 4 Main gates for transportation of people & products 4 Small gates subsidiary to Main Gates 8 secret gates transportation & War

4.4. Demolition & resortation

4.4.1. Modernization & colonization Much of the old fortress wall has been torn down

4.4.2. realize Korean's identity & feel proud of Heritage After succeeding in Industrializing significant portions remain and others are being rebuilt

4.5. Tour tip

4.5.1. one of the best ways to experience a conspicuous remant of Seoul's ancient past

4.5.2. Especially, Vista points on fortress wall will give you whole outlook on the center of Seoul

5. Geographic characteristic of Old Seoul

5.1. surrounded with moutains

5.1.1. 2 Big mountains outside wall

5.1.2. 4 mountains border of wall

5.2. many brooks

5.2.1. one main streams

5.2.2. Cheogyeochun

5.3. many hills