Body Fat Solution

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Body Fat Solution by Mind Map: Body Fat Solution

1. Attitudes

1.1. Positive attitude even in the face of difficulty

1.2. Reframing

1.2.1. Shift thoughts toward Personal responsibility Possibility Choice Win-win scenarios

1.2.2. Examples No time = I have all the time there is, same amount as the greats; just have not chosen priorities yet

1.3. Be aware of inner language

1.3.1. Problems = challenges

1.3.2. Failure = feedback

1.3.3. Frustration = fascination

1.3.4. Confused = curious

1.3.5. Shoulds = must

1.3.6. Older = wiser

1.3.7. Injury = inconvenience

1.3.8. Plateau = signal to change workout

1.3.9. We get to work out, opportunity to improve; not a chore

1.3.10. Avoid the word diet; use nutrition program

1.3.11. Do not use the word lose (as in loser or lose weight)

1.3.12. Can't = Won't or have not done it/figured it out yet

1.4. Watch for inner conflicts

1.4.1. Leads to procrastination

1.4.2. Leads to self-sabotage Leads to excuse

2. Mindset

2.1. Hard Work

2.1.1. Develops character, mental, physical strength

2.2. Make immediate decisions in the context of long term interests

2.3. Lifestyle changes not quick fixes

2.3.1. Max 2 pounds per week

2.3.2. or 1% body weight max if much to lose

2.4. Line up unconscious mind

2.5. Avoid analysis paralysis

2.6. System

2.6.1. Understand cause & effect Nutrition Variety of options allow for more flexibility Exercice Aerobics Strength training Mindset Emotions Social Support

2.6.2. Solve a problem at a different level than the state that created it Critical thinking skills Get independent confirmation of the facts Challenge hypothesis in debates Consider science as the only authority Create more than 1 hypothesis Avoid attachment to your own ideas Being sure that claims & results can be measured & tested The simplest explanation is usually the correct one

2.6.3. Take action Do not count on willpower Take a moderate approach Fast loss does not work long term and leads to rebound Difficult is not impossible Facilitate continuous compliance Adherence tools Compliance rules

3. Metrics

3.1. 6-pack abs

3.1.1. Male: < 10% body fat

3.1.2. Female: < 15% body fat

4. Essential Elements

4.1. Nutrient-dense food

4.2. Carefully-controlled calorie intake

4.3. Progressive-resistance weight training

4.4. Right dose of cardio

4.5. Mind focused on well-formed goals

4.6. Strong emotional drive

4.7. Great support system

4.7.1. Friends

4.7.2. Training partners

4.7.3. Mentors

5. Foods

5.1. Nutrient-dense, calorie-light

5.2. Whole raw foods

6. Obesity

6.1. Causes

6.1.1. Surplus of caloric energy Sedentary lifestyle Too great a calorie intake

7. Myths

7.1. Why we are susceptible to weight loss myths

7.1.1. Social proof, conformity, appeal to the masses

7.1.2. Appeal to authority and loyalty to gurus

7.1.3. Anecdotal evidence or testimonials

7.1.4. The news says so

7.1.5. Confusing correlation and causation

7.1.6. Confirmation bias

7.1.7. Habitual think & appeal to tradition

7.1.8. Wishful thinking

7.2. Weight-loss myths

7.2.1. You can eat as much as you want and still lose weight / Calories don't count

7.2.2. Fat people have a slower metabolism

7.2.3. Some people are diet-resistant and can't lose weight

7.2.4. Your genetics are why you are overweight

7.2.5. Dietary fat makes you gain body fat

7.2.6. Carbohydrates make you fat

7.2.7. Dietary changes for health & weight-loss are one and the same

7.2.8. Insulin or insulin-resistance leads to obesity

7.2.9. Fat-burning zone myth