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Team presentations by Mind Map: Team presentations
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Team presentations

5 Social media in learning, Jonas,Thorbjørn, Yuliya

5 New ways... Micki, Giulia, Kristina, Bettina

7 Impact of social media on organizational structure?

6 Value... sales... Martin, Kim, Ida, Daniel, Alexander

10 KM => innovations... An, Marina, Dorothée, Pernille

11 Media... different groups... Lena, Heidi, Dominique

12 Viral Marketing... calendar... Daniel

1 How can social media damage companies: Christian, Erla, Peter

8 Outsourcing ... social barriers ??

13 ROI on social media Morten

2 ROI of social media Tobias, Troels, Jesper,

... means that you will make your presentation on Oct. 20

14 "Difficulties of sharing knowledge in organizations" - Jakob, Theo & Rune

You will present on Oct 27

Accounting for Social Money with the Social Media. By Kwatey Frank

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