Ethics in Society by Judy Wang

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Ethics in Society by Judy Wang by Mind Map: Ethics in Society by Judy Wang

1. Government

1.1. Role of government and their control

1.1.1. Gay Marriage

1.1.2. Internet Censorship

1.2. Justified use of spending

1.2.1. Military

1.2.2. Education

1.2.3. Transportation

1.3. The political field

1.3.1. Two parties vs. More than two

1.3.2. Less fact checking, more rhetoric

2. Medical Field

2.1. Euthanasia

2.2. Reproductive rights

2.2.1. Abortion

2.2.2. Birth Control

2.2.3. Gender Roles

2.3. Health Care debate

2.3.1. Is there a right to health?

2.3.2. Increased cost of health care

3. Entertainment

3.1. Celebrities and their privacy

3.2. Tabloids and Paparazzi

3.3. How much are they really worth?

3.4. Influence on others

4. World of Technology

4.1. Robots? Emotions?

4.2. Nuclear Tech? Good vs. Bad?

4.3. Influence on people and their mannerisms

5. Business

5.1. Money vs. Charity

5.1.1. How much is enough?

5.1.2. Greed and power Wall Street/Banks