Hitler's Racist Nazi Ideology

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Hitler's Racist Nazi Ideology by Mind Map: Hitler's Racist Nazi Ideology

1. Nuremberg Laws

1.1. Legalized discrimination and terrorism of Jewish People

1.1.1. Jewish people not allowed citizenship (couldn't vote)

1.1.2. Jews and Germans couldn't marry each other

1.1.3. Jews couldn't be lawyers, teachers, doctors, or public officials

1.1.4. Jews had to be back home by a certain time (curfew)

1.1.5. Jews had to wear yellow Stars of David to identify themselves

1.2. Jews fled Germany between 1933 and 1937

1.2.1. 129,000+

1.2.2. All people targeted: Jews, gypsies, people with physical/mental disabilities, Jehovah's witnesses, and gay men

2. Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass)

2.1. Anti-Semitic riots broke out all around Germany and Austria

2.2. 30,000 Jewish people taken to concentration camps

2.3. Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues destroyed

2.4. Jewish people fined thousands of German marks for all damages done

2.5. Many highly restrictive policies set up towards Jewish people

2.5.1. Example: couldn't drive/own a car, Jewish children couldn't go to school

3. Ghettos

3.1. Created because Nazis wanted more lebensraum

3.1.1. Jewish people gathered together in large groups and put together into small walled sections of cities

3.1.2. Several families occupied one small, dirty apartment

3.1.3. Only allowed to leave for work Jews had harsh curfews

3.1.4. Nazis took land taken from Jews for themselves and their profit

3.1.5. There was an idea to send Jews to Madagascar British controlled oceans Not possible

4. The Final Solution

4.1. Hundreds of thousands of Jews sent to concentration/work camps in Poland, Austria, and Germany

4.1.1. Jews worked as slaves and did labor for Nazis

4.1.2. Transported crammed into railcars no food no water

4.1.3. In the camps, hundreds of thousands of Jews died starvation disease worked to death killed injury