Eastern Front (Frozen Front)

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Eastern Front (Frozen Front) by Mind Map: Eastern Front (Frozen Front)

1. Definition

1.1. In World War I, the region along the German-Russian border where Russians and Serbs battled Germans, Austrians, and Turks

2. It was a more mobile war than that in the west

3. Russian armies launched an attack into both Germany and Austria

3.1. Russia was driven back in both places

3.1.1. The Germans crushed the Russian army and drove it into full retreat. The battle against the Germans lasted four days, and more than 30,000 Russian soldiers were killed.

3.1.2. Russian forces beat Austria twice in September 1914 and drove deeper into their country. Then, by December 1914, the Austrian army defeated the Russians and eventually drove them out of Austria-Hungary.

4. Russia was not yet industrialized

4.1. Russian army was continually short on food, guns, ammunition, clothes, boots, and blankets

5. Russia was a constant threat to Germany

5.1. Russia had a large population so it could send millions to war

5.1.1. The Russian army suffered staggering battlefield losses yet the army continually rebuilt its ranks from the country's enormous population