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The Software Gardener by Mind Map: The Software Gardener
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The Software Gardener

Pair Programming: Pair Gardening

Two programmers work side by side



We still do individual work

Test Driven Development: Test Driven Planting

often not done

most experienced do TDD

Refactoring: Planted Debt

Making changes that don't affect behavior

Making changes that don't affect overall garden

Mythical Man Month: time is Needed

Book known for the analogy

Gardening is the same

Commercial off the shelf solutions


pull out hose

Peer Review

syntax nagging

shrub should face the street

Continuous Integration

plant a flower in pot first

develop feature on branch

On Call Support

Server is down!!

Fountain in front yard (broken sprinkler head)

Development Duck

add yard gnome

add a feature you don't really want

Deliver Features

agile focus on delivering end user features

you plant one flower at a time