Nazi Racist Ideology

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Nazi Racist Ideology by Mind Map: Nazi Racist Ideology

1. Nazi Propoganda

1.1. The Nazis blamed Jews for Germany's problems during the Depression

1.2. Jews were made to look like terrible people

1.3. Anit-Semitism grew (Hitler was loved) and propaganda was a major factor

2. Nuremberg Laws

2.1. Legal discrimination and terrorism against Jews

2.2. Jews were stripped of German citizenship

2.3. Marriage between Germans and Jews was forbidden

2.4. Jews had curfews, had to wear yellow stars for ID

3. Kristallnacht

3.1. Anit-Semitic riots in Germany and Austria

3.2. 30,000 Jews rounded up and taken to concentration camps

3.3. Homes, businesses and synagogues destroyed

3.4. Jews could not own or drive cars

4. Ghettos

4.1. Nazis wanted to create more living space

4.2. Rounded up and sent to walled off sections of cities

5. Concentration Camps

5.1. Work camps around Poland, Austria, and Germany

5.2. Railroad boxcars filled with people with no food or water

5.3. Thousand starved, worked to death, or were killed