Drinking And Driving

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Drinking And Driving by Mind Map: Drinking And Driving

1. $50 Billion in economic loss each yr in US

1.1. $50 Billion in economic loss each yr in US

2. Harm Reduction Measures

2.1. Public awareness campaigns

2.2. Designated Driver Campaigns

2.3. Free Taxi Programs

3. Prevention of Youth Drinking and Driving

3.1. How do we get young people not to drink and Drive?

3.2. Identify "youth patterns", such as binge drinking

3.3. Avoid mixing drinking and drugs

3.4. Respecting the laws around drinking ages

4. Major contributor to mortality

4.1. IN US 500,00 Are injured every year

4.2. 17,000 are killled

4.3. 40% of Youth Fatalities are related to Drinking and Driving

5. Major contributor to economic costs

5.1. $Billions of loss in form of property damage

5.2. $50 Billion in economic loss each year in the US

5.3. Goal

6. Consequences

6.1. What are some consequences to Drinking and Driving?

6.2. You could kill someone

6.3. Go to Jail

6.4. Loose your job