Zombie apocalypse

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Zombie apocalypse by Mind Map: Zombie apocalypse

1. Setting

1.1. Hospital

1.2. City

1.3. Keith and Jarred's house

1.4. Vehicle

1.5. Safe village

2. Plot

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Wakes Up in hospital needs to fight to get out Has to find get some food and water See's a zombie and passes out

2.2. Middle

2.2.1. Wakes up In Jarred and Keith's house Gets food and water Finds out what's happening from them Raids gun store for weapons Packs and leave in search of village Find a Ute at a gas station Kills zombies that are blocking the road Drive to the village

2.3. End

2.3.1. Finds the village Guards let them in Jarred and Keith find their families Then Jeff does as well Everybody lives happily ever after in the zombie apocalypse.

3. Complications

3.1. Zombie's

3.2. Jeff need's to find his family

4. Ideas

4.1. Sci-Fi

4.1.1. Post apocalyptic

4.1.2. Journeys

4.2. First Person

4.2.1. Past tense

5. Characters

5.1. Jeff

5.1.1. Main Character

5.1.2. Male 35 years old

5.2. Keith

5.2.1. Secondary Character

5.3. Jarred

5.3.1. Secondary Character