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01 My Career by Mind Map: 01 My Career
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01 My Career


02: Introduction

03: '83-'88 - Break-dancing

04: '88 Gymnastics Instructor

05: '90-91 Gymnastics Coach

06: '92 Coach to Manager

07: '92 Manager to partner

08: '93 Partner to owner

09: '01-04 Business Owner to Property Owner

10: '05 CGA to PAC

11: '04-'10 PAC - Growth / Changes

'83-'89 Education Summary

'85 Westside High School Graduate

Extra Curricular: Jr. Class President, Vice President of Student Council, Stage Band Lead Vocalist, Young Life

'87 Associates Degree in Business Administration - Augusta College

Management Information Systems (Computers), Small Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc. Significance - During my Jr. year in college I took a course on small business management.  I led a team in a project to prepare a business plan that would be presented to the class as if the class were a bank.  The plan was very instrumental later as I adapted it twice to use in my career.

'89 Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Augusta College

Testimony - Spiritual