Common Student Issues

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Common Student Issues by Mind Map: Common Student Issues

1. Emotional Issues

1.1. Angry students

1.1.1. find methods to defuse anger

1.1.2. explain why decisions were made and appeal to reason

1.1.3. seek professional help

1.2. Students on the verge of giving up

1.2.1. encourage students

1.2.2. coach them to success

1.2.3. introduce them to success stories

1.3. Students who are emotionally sensitive to in class prompts

1.3.1. defuse personal relation to these prompts

1.4. Psychological Issues

1.4.1. seek help

1.4.2. be supportive

2. Academic Issues

2.1. Aggressive Students

2.1.1. establish strict classroom expectations

2.2. Students who cannot comprehend broad and intangible concepts seeking finite truths

2.2.1. rationalize that sometimes answers are not always clear or decisive

2.3. Students who lack fundamental information required for current and future classes

2.3.1. identify what knowledge is missing

2.3.2. come up with an action plan to supply students with missing fragments

2.4. Students require more tailored or specific differential presentation of information

2.4.1. come up with action plans to do individual student coaching

2.4.2. encourage students to use tutors as needed

2.4.3. supply resources for students to engage in self-driven learning

3. Class Management Issues

3.1. Students who desire to dominate the class-room and discussion

3.1.1. establish strict classroom rules and expectations

3.2. Inattentive Students

3.2.1. engage students

3.2.2. talk to students

3.3. Students who do not bring required preparation to class

3.3.1. establish strict classroom rules and expectations

3.3.2. make expectations clear and known to all students

3.4. Students who attempt to manipulate teachers for personal advantage

3.4.1. be weary of students that placate teachers

3.4.2. make it clear there will be no favortism

3.5. Students who use excuses to counter personal ownership and responsibility

3.5.1. be fair and consistent with excuses

3.5.2. make students accountable for their actions