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2ndWavers by Mind Map: 2ndWavers

1. one of the traders is blocked by the system

1.1. center message

1.1.1. message informing that user B is pending review

1.2. left

1.2.1. user A icon click / open personal page

1.3. right

1.3.1. user B icon click / open personal page

2. textfield linked to google map + Detect button

3. date created/modified

4. categories

5. structure

5.1. landing page

5.1.1. user view lists of products featured based on recent activity (if any) latest additions lists of users featured followed news from system my activity My products My Trade rooms user header 1 search Shortcuts user FirstName + icon footer 2ndWavers support/help follow us Ocasionaly Newsletter feedback

5.1.2. visitor view teaser & content (video) featured products search registration classic google facebook tutorial login footer

5.2. my account

5.2.1. dashboard notifications / messages ask to write reviews for prev transactions (if any) My products overview add new product My Trade Rooms Overview User feedback ratings statistics

5.2.2. my profile header image (+upload/change functionality) user/company picture/logo (+upload/change functionality) first name middle name last name company name option to use this as my profile name self description location email email used on Paypal and MoneyBookers (option to validate account) website URL DOB - age telephone number Additional elements change secret question change password change friendly link close your account

5.2.3. my shop currently owned item(s) (list) products ('cards') filter mechanism add new item (button) items no longer in my possession (history list) create new product based on this one (button) promote shop functionality on 2W share externally

5.2.4. My Trade Rooms list with all users I have some business with (with filters) trade room previews filter functionality rooms notifications settings

5.2.5. wish box my saved filters my bookmarked items notification settings

5.2.6. my credits current state and credit history ways to get extra credits answer “trust questions” for credits and reputation affiliate program buy credits

5.3. products&traders list

5.3.1. results show (what) products owners view as (how) list map

5.3.2. your search switch between filters your current search characteristics save current search button

5.3.3. refine your search keywords location distance user related rating number of products in shop number of past transactions member since (date) / seniority paypal confirmed ? product related state category/subcategory value/price interval category characteristics/filters (if recognisable category selected) sort results by relevance date price/value

5.3.4. cards products product picture owner name owner tumbnail product name price product location date added/modified number of users interested in it buttons traders/owners user picture user name date joined last activity date number of products in shop ranking badges ratings badges buttons number of traderooms manufacturer badge

5.4. product view

5.4.1. personal view of my product item name brand value/price quantity measure unit category / subcategory images instagram like filter zoom product location technical documentation / characteristics (if any) ownership proof (if any) link product state dropdown option to describe the product state with custom wording product info / description rating (if available) sticky notes labels (colour) info system available until... users interested in it FAQ keywords product visibility dispatch time/duration returns accepted (?) share on FB/G+ show users with filters that include my product publish / save as draft / update button

5.4.2. product public page product related info images & zoom + embeded video (if available) full product name quantity available + measure unit value location (ships from) state product info/description category/subcategory rating (if available and if series) keywords + report wrong keywords faq list with users currently interested in this product share product add to watch box I'm interested report product owner related info thumbnail full name is manufacturer ratings (badges) rankings (badges) follow user send message to user related products list from owner from others

5.5. shop = trader public page

5.5.1. user info header image photo personal/logo full name location details email phone website badges paypal rankings ratings

5.5.2. reviews

5.5.3. follow user

5.5.4. send message

5.5.5. share

5.5.6. report user

5.5.7. list of products as cards with sorting

5.6. trade room

5.6.1. user icon + dropdown to change user/trade room

5.6.2. trader info users badges ranking badge rating badge full name badges location link for modal with google navigation distance A-B thumbnail paypal address list with user products (opens modal)

5.6.3. Trade room info channel started (date) nr of negotiations completed date current negotiation started (if any) /days old block/unblock trader folow user and trade room notifications settings checkboxes (opens in a modal)

5.6.4. negotiation table empty state (no product on the table left right center message negotiation started left right bottom submit proposal button

5.6.5. messaging board (chat + system input) input text area send button my products (for referencing one of them in chat) => modal with categories filtering standard phrases (=> modal with predefined phgrases) messages System messages (centre) user messages (A=myself)

5.7. blog

5.7.1. announcements (system enhancements)

5.8. forum

5.8.1. topics

5.8.2. moderators

5.9. support

5.9.1. getting started

5.9.2. knowledge base

5.9.3. ticket system

5.9.4. safety info

5.9.5. legal stuff terms of use/service cookie policy privacy policy

5.9.6. about 2w

5.10. CMS/admin

5.10.1. capabilities manage the support ticket system manage knowledge base (add/delete/edit) manage forums manage newsletters add/modify categories’ structure (what happens with existing products?) view users list (with details for each + filter system by any...) send messages/notifications to users (single or list) inject credits to any user (+ send notification why) take credits from any user (+ send notification why) temporary block/unblock accounts (send email to user) ! affects his/her products too close accounts (send email to user) ! affects his/her products too view product list temporary block/unblock products (send notification & email to user) ! affects adverts if any remove products (send notification & email to user) ! affects adverts if any and deletes them from negotiations table manage credit flow for what how much define badges algoritms view statistics (should be defined) define/modify categories tree

5.10.2. super admin assign users’ capabilities has access to all the CMS’ capabilities

6. credit flow

6.1. trader earns credits for

6.1.1. registering (during promotions)

6.1.2. joined friends invited by him

6.1.3. system gives credits for activity (periodically)

6.1.4. answering questions (intern evaluation)

6.2. trader pays credits for

6.2.1. uploading more than one picture per product

6.2.2. viewing other traders with saved filters containing his product

6.2.3. advertising shop

6.2.4. advertising product

6.2.5. setting product visibility

6.2.6. extending expiration time for a product

6.2.7. for setting friendly URL

6.2.8. banned product

6.2.9. add video link to product

6.2.10. creating new product (0 credits for start)

6.3. trader pays $ for

6.3.1. credits

7. badges

7.1. ratings

7.1.1. coomunication flow

7.1.2. products rating

7.2. rankings

7.2.1. based on date registered

7.2.2. based on activity forums posts time on site

7.2.3. popularity number of traderooms opened in wich at least one of the external user activity is followed

7.2.4. trade score based on number of traderooms with finalized negotiations based on feedback (+-)

7.2.5. if staff member roles, ex:if forum moderator

7.3. manufacturer

8. notifications / messages

8.1. from System

8.1.1. regarding one product product attention because flagged as inappropiate product banned product expires in x days

8.1.2. regarding the user user attention because flagged as inappropiate user banned credits' status update

8.1.3. recomandations AB answer to new questions for credits

8.1.4. site announcements promotions info regarding site enhancements

8.2. from user B

8.2.1. trade room related (B is the other user) B is writing a message B adds/deletes/updates one of your products removal of a product by B or by the system because no longer available deletion of the B’s user account by the system (banned) by himself blocking of B's account for review by the system B updates his interest (adds/deletes some of your products from table) B blocks you B unblocks you B accepts deal => negotiation successfull B gives you ratings

8.2.2. external user activity started a trade room with X profile update added products transferred a product to other user

8.3. wishbox

8.3.1. product updated

8.3.2. product removed by the system (banned) by the user (deleted) because of a transaction (transferred)

9. rate user (partner)

9.1. ?dis(honest) 1-10

9.2. communication flow 1-10

9.3. delivery (timing) 1-10

9.4. ?greed / generosity 1-10

9.5. ?info accuracy 1-10