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Watchdog by Mind Map: Watchdog

1. McLuhan

1.1. End of linear mind

1.2. Collective knowing

1.3. Medium = Message

1.3.1. Media Transform

1.3.2. Attack on Gutenberg technology

2. Content

2.1. Contorversies center on content.

2.1.1. Enthusiasts celebrate broadening.

2.1.2. Naysayers decry "dumbing down."

2.2. Technology itself

2.2.1. May go relatively unnoticed

2.2.2. May be more influential than content

3. Internet

3.1. Latest important new technology

3.2. Arguments about content miss the influence of the medium itself.

3.3. Internet as Tool

3.3.1. Many think the Net is just a tool.

3.3.2. However, the Net may be controlling us to some degree.

4. Change

4.1. Every new medium changes us.

4.2. Internet

4.2.1. Movable feast

4.2.2. Especially appealing

4.2.3. Even critics of Internet use it.

4.2.4. May be our master, more than our servant