Who Do We See About That? - Social Justice

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Who Do We See About That? - Social Justice by Mind Map: Who Do We See About That? - Social Justice

1. Improve yourself, Improve Your community

1.1. Most students think about or experience social justice issues.

1.2. Most kids do not accept social justice issues as the status quo.

1.3. Kids look up to adults to help them decide what to do

2. Covenant

2.1. "We, as citizens, agree to live by certain guidelines we call a covenant."

2.2. If anyone violates the covenant, "then we attempt to restore social justice through concerted action"

2.3. Kids can not do this alone, they need adult guidance.

3. Assessing prior knowledge

3.1. Find out what students know about social justice issues and their experience in trying to solve problems in the community.

3.2. Have them work individually, in pairs, and in groups.

4. Exploring social justice through biographical research

4.1. Explore social activism by meeting people who are doing it.

4.2. Introduce some social activist figures and have them research one.