The Tanoda Programme (from 2019)

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The Tanoda Programme (from 2019) by Mind Map: The Tanoda Programme (from 2019)

1. non state-run tanodas, ngo

2. Directorate-General for Creating Social Opportunities, from 2019

2.1. disadvantage compensation programs for vulnerable adult groups

2.2. projects for preventing early school leaving (scholarships: Arany János Talent and College Programme, Útravaló, Apáczai....)

2.3. Sure Start Children's Centres (Biztos Kezdet Gyermekházak)

2.4. Tanoda

2.4.1. Regulations Law No. XXXI of 1997 Child Protection Act EMMI government decree of 40/2018 (XII. 4.) on the professional tasks of children's opportunity-enhancing services and the conditions of their operation Professional recommendation for the operation of the Tanoda service, 2023 Professional development and programme plan of the tanoda at least 15 other related laws or regulations

2.4.2. community and connection network families schools social service provider and child welfare center (szociális szolgáltató és gyermekjóléti központ) other organisations educators in the tanoda (tanodapedagógusok) paid employees all-volunteer staff

3. MÁK (Hungarian State Treasury), Government Office