starting point(with attachment)

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starting point(with attachment) by Mind Map: starting point(with attachment)

1. you can create and change connection-arrow (you have to get the hang of modifying the curve)

1.1. 1

1.2. 2

2. I have collapsed children [click the plus button to expand]

2.1. you can change the style of nodes

2.1.1. I am light blue on a big font

2.1.2. I am yellow on a BOLD medium font

2.1.3. I am red, and I am in italics

2.2. I have an url link (click on the arrow icon)

2.2.1. I have a video link(it's just a normal link) I have multiple links in my note I have a note and a link (try hovering the mouse above each) I have an image here

2.2.2. You can actually attach files on a premium account

2.2.3. I have an icon

2.3. grandchild33

2.3.1. 331

2.3.2. 332

2.3.3. 333