A 2 Music Video

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A 2 Music Video by Mind Map: A 2 Music Video

1. What is the genre?

1.1. The genera for my music video shall be RnB; Rhythem and Blues. I have chosen this as this genre as this is a genre of music I enjoy and know alot about therefore I feel I could make a better product.

2. Who is the artist you have chosen to make a song for?

2.1. I have chosen Alicia Downer to be in my music video. However her stage name will be Alicia Paris.

3. What is the name of the song?

3.1. The song I have chosen is Beyonce - Smash Into You. I have chosen this song as I feel it fits very well into the genre of RnB. I feel I can portray the song n a great way fitting it with the lyrics and the melody of te song.

4. Who are you working with

4.1. For this project I shall be working solo, filming and editing my video alone.

5. Are you going to have performance and/or narrative in your music video?

5.1. Yes I shall have both in my video.

5.2. For my music video I shall be keeping it fairly simple, using minimal people within. part of my video will be performance with my artist lip syncing along to the song in various locations. I will also have a small narrative, this will be close ups of couples smiling at eachother and to the camera. I have decided to do this as the song is a love song, talking about love being right in front of her and all she wants to do is run and smash into it. Also i shall be following some of the lyrics matching them with the narrative

6. Why do you think that this idea is appropriate for the song you have chosen?

6.1. I think his idea is approiate for the song as I am using ideas that will fit as typical RnB stereotypes. Also I am following the lyrics of the song for some of the narrative therefore its more then appropriate. Most RnB music videos have part narrative part performance therefor i am following the conventions of the RnB genre.

7. Does your idea link to the lyrics of your song?

7.1. Yes my idea links the they lyrics of the song in some ways for example; the first line of the song is "head down as i watch my feet take turns hitting the ground' so I will have my artist walking will the camera positioned on her feet.