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USA vs. INDIA by Mind Map: USA vs. INDIA

1. Asia

1.1. 7th largest country in the world

2. North America

2.1. 3rd largest country in the world

3. Currency: Dollar

4. Currency: Rupee

5. Both Countries

5.1. Diverse Landscapes

5.2. Diverse Animals

5.3. Elected Government

5.4. Sovereign

6. Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in the US. The Himalayas (Mt. Everest is a part of the Himalayas) is the highest mountain range in the world!!

7. Population: The 1st blue bar shows India's population, the second blue bar shows USA's population

8. Bald Eagles are protected in the United States.

9. Cows are considered sacred in India.

10. US Religion: Christianity

11. 80% Hindu in India