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Social Media New Literacies Inquiry by Mind Map: Social Media New Literacies Inquiry
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Social Media New Literacies Inquiry

Digital Citizenry,%20digital%20immigrants%20-%20part1.pdf - Interesting article looking at students as digital natives, most adults/teachers as digital immigrants

Social Media connecting within the classroom/Connecting outside the classroom - Helpful ideas about how to create policy around social media in your school - Why and how to bring social media into the classroom - Why use social media and how to create guidelines and trust - Digital gaming in the classroom -Practical suggestions to transform your classroom - Justification, support, encouragement for using social media into the classroom

New Literacies

The New Media Literacies. These competencies are our responsibility:

Digital Literacy, Big Thinker Series with videos and articles:

EBSCO Host Research article report: Towards a critical, worldly literacy. It has some excellent points about the changing and forever altered aspects of literacy (now saved, public and able to influence and perpetually alter future cultural practices):


Social Media in Education: Pros and Cons. It's more than just establishing a platform. It must be utilized purposefully and continuously:

Pros and Cons, such as cyber bullying, distracted thinking, discouraging face to face:

SJ article: How Students are not using their technology smartly:


A Review of School-Based Initiatives in Media Literacy Education

Social Media in classroom for necessary future preparation:

How social constructivist theory informs the positives of social media:

Designing for Learning: Excellent research on learning beyond traditional practices through digital classrooms:

Tech Horizons in the Classroom:

Policies - my local district's plan for technology... already expired, no new plan has been made... and some of those listed as part of it have little to no tech expertise...

The Points of Inquiry

From Chalkboard to Wall -- Managing the Benefits of School-Sanctioned Social Media Use: Policy recommendations

How it's used, how it CAN be used - going beyond the traditional essay - Article on transforming learning through new technologies, some nice quotes about increased achievement and required skills

Social Media Use in the United States: Implications for Health Communication

Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship in a Digital Age - digital disconnect, competencies, socially relevant, connection to communities VERY USEFUL ARTICLE - excellent quote on page four about challenging curriculum and dominant thinking - some interesting connections of social networking and digital skills to Bloom's Taxonomy - good questions to ask yourself... what do you wish to accomplish by using the new tech, why are considering change, etc. - didn't you know, we've been using social media for centuries! - taking twitter and changing the world,5