Franchise Sellers SOP

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Franchise Sellers SOP by Mind Map: Franchise Sellers SOP

1. Pre Lead Stage

1.1. Initial Inquiry "Seller Q & A List"

1.1.1. Once lead determined to be a "lead". continue to next step Definition of Lead: Prospect showing interest in valuing and/or selling their business. NOT a lead: "I maybe interested in 5 years." 1. Person is created in Pipedrive 2. Deal is created – NEW Lead column in “Sales: Sellers” 3. Deal Title format: State-Brand/Company Name-City or 2 Pack-Name or Corporate 4. Connect Email Thread to Deal (within the PD Sales Inbox) 5. Find them in LinkedIn and connect via Theodore's account 6. Find them on Zoominfo and change status to "Interested and moved to PD" & stop any Salesflows Continue to "Stage: New Lead" and send out the appropite Introduction Email

2. Stage: New Lead

2.1. Introduction Email

2.1.1. Follow Up Email & SMS 4 Days later Follow up call& SMS + email 2 weeks later Follow up call & SMS + email 1 month later

3. Stage: Initial Consult Completed - Waiting for Q/F

3.1. Post Consult Financial Request Email

3.1.1. Follow Up Email & SMS 4 days later Follow Up Call & SMS + email 2 weeks later Follow Up Email & SMS 1 month later

4. Stage: Recast Q/A In Progress

4.1. Reviewing finances

4.2. Create Recast

4.3. Recast completed & moved to pipeline "OOV in Progress"

4.4. Recast reviewed & OOV created

5. Stage: Recast completed - Follow Through

5.1. Valuation email sent

5.1.1. Follow up email 4 days later Follow up email 2 weeks later General follow up 1-6 months

6. Resale Agreement + Payment Link Email

6.1. Create Resale Agreement

6.1.1. Send email Payment received

6.1.2. Resale Agreement signed

7. Onboarding

7.1. Introduction to Client Manager

7.1.1. Inquire more details Onboard Listing in PD Communication about ads

8. Post ads


8.1.1. DealStream

8.2. Send Information to Kristal for Business Summary

9. Business Summary

9.1. Making changes

10. Record Interview with Seller

11. Client Manager Management

11.1. Communication with potential buyers

11.1.1. Update Recast over time Amend/Extend Agreements

12. GOAL: Business SOLD

12.1. Mark Listing WON in Pipedrive

12.1.1. Close down all ads Move folder in Dropbox to INACTIVE Order Enstrom Toffees

13. Responsibility:

13.1. Theodore

13.1.1. Veronika Client Managers Eric

14. Valuation only

14.1. Create Recast

14.1.1. Create Valuation document

15. No response

15.1. Franchisee

15.1.1. Follow Through every 3 months

15.2. Business Owner

15.2.1. Follow Through every 3 months

15.3. Buyers

15.3.1. Follow up emails Mark Lost Other Opportunities Emails

15.3.2. New Franchise Interest Emails No Response Mark Lost

16. Buyers

16.1. Inquiries

16.1.1. Buyer Registration CM introduces them to Seller No Response No Interest Not enough capital?

16.1.2. Goal: Seller finds Buyer

17. "Reference Guide" Plan: Create a Standardize Process SOP Action: Explain the task step by step with very little guesswork. Simple and easily readable, with details provided in additional documentation & looms (outside mindmap) Purpose: give a overview of the process and see how stages connect together; creating an opportunity for improvement Mindmap is created to be used hand in hand with PD