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Wikis & Visualization by Mind Map: Wikis & Visualization
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Wikis & Visualization

possible todo: separate review of personal approach to this - people involved, why / not, tools used useful or not,  time allocation etc

Attention & Memory

colour & shape

diagrams vs photos vs 3D vs all 3

any psychological factors affecting creator & viewer of data

Neurofinance - probably too technical for me at moment and time limited but interested in looking at one day. Re AI to predict markets - not sure if enough evidence yet and re credit crisis and how brain processes multimedia as well as psychological & random human factors... beyond scope of this

use of emotion words & pictures

Financial Trends

possible todo:  write separately about this anyway due to complexity of it, don"t want to duplicate anything out  there but useful for recording my own personal sense-making of it all  

general relationship analysis (mapping?)


National Surveys

what is too much data to represent

tables, multiple formats, junk compromises,

management of conversion of web data already available

public perception of stats, what is easy to understand

other wiki format options


confidentiality statements difference between analysis to get detail in first place, then visualisation for a public document

wiki comments - difference, quick visualisations - wordle vs tag cloud vs word frequency bubbles vs anything else