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"PUTI" by Mind Map: "PUTI"

1. Andrea & Renelia

2. modern

3. hair and make-up

3.1. simple hair and make-up

3.1.1. appropriate to the scenes

4. The film has a predictable ending. While in the midst of concocting theories to answer the mysterious events happening to the main character, you will soon easily realize the one possible path it will lead to in which you hope it will not but ultimately be the case.

5. great visual landscape

6. drama

7. (Alain,Cj & Pj) Mga Pogi Mga Lodi

7.1. Conclusion

7.1.1. in life, and in art, everything is not always black and white

7.1.2. Opinions Positive The male lead is handsome and the female lead(if there is one) is gorgeous and beautiful. If there is anything that we can commend the film for is its minimal use of jump scares. Whether the film is scary or not is subjective because it is a psychological thriller and each person has their own fears, but because of its low reliance on jump scares, it manages to instill some fear without resorting to loud and surprising noises and imagery. Negative The movie starts off with a somewhat interesting conflict for the main character but for a majority of the film it falls flat as you wait for something exciting to happen. It only becomes enticing to watch as it nears the ending. The movie sometimes becomes boring because of the bland dialogues of the characters.

7.1.3. Rating

7.1.4. And so, our final rating for this movie is an instagram filter out of ten. Just like a filtered image on instagram, it tries to enhance a bland image but no matter how good the filter looks, it wont be able to mask the true representation of the image. The film tries to give a new perspective of psychological horror particularly in painters and but fails to live up to what it wants. Instead, it gets confused in what it wants to be and ends up having the lessons it tries to present be forced and unnatural. The film had great potential, but it is unfortunate to say that the film makers were unable to achieve it.

8. set design

8.1. simple house

9. Themes

9.1. (Krisha & Ellaine)

9.1.1. theme psychological thriller after the father woke up and discover he is color blind, he start seeing things like birds coming out from his canvases, nurse who keep reading the same story to his son, things that weren’t there before in his art, and the woman he was painting before the accident keeps appearing everywhere.

9.1.2. moral of the story forgery of contemporary artworks is a crime instead of forging an artwork, why not use the skill in copying to restore old paintings

10. Visual Elements

10.1. costumes

10.1.1. The costumes of the characters fit their roles. It suits their jobs quite fine. However, as for any symbolism or hidden messages in their costumes, there isn't much. Their costumes also doesn't reflect their personalities or whatsoever.

10.2. music

10.3. cinematography

10.3.1. framing point of view shot following shot

10.3.2. scale extreme long shot long shot extreme close-up

10.4. blocking

10.4.1. The music of the movie provides chilling sounds that add to the overall ambiance of the movie. An old folk song that's also used in other horror films was also used. This song indeed added a chilling and creepy factor to the movie however this also made the movie somewhat 'unoriginal'.

10.4.2. good angle

10.5. lightning

10.5.1. natural lightning low key lightning

10.6. costume

11. His assistant Nika, was portrayed by Jasmine Curtis and the art dealer was Leo Rialp. Jasmine Curtis was very promising. She has minimal conversations but she delivered it very simple making it more realistic and not too overreacting. The nurse who gave the movie a well created plot twist was portrayed by Lauren Young. Lauren Young on her first appearance, portrays a nurse doing her works with passion. It is quite mysterious because he always read Jaime the same book all the time. Thus, making it more suspicious because the same stanza was delivered all over again in some scenes.

12. Puti is a 2012 Filipino psychological thriller independent film about a painter named Amir Luna who creates forged painting. Nika, a young art student assists Amir in his forgeries in exchange for some lessons. Amir Luna sells his forged painting to his art dealer who peddles his replica to wealthy collectors. Amir has this technique to copy paintings upside down to see a new perspective to make it easier for him to create his immaculate replicas. Amir and his son Jaime, was involved in a car accident. He wakes up, unable to see color, thus very sensitive of light. He was diagnosed with cerebral acromatopsia, and consequences started to haunt him.

13. Amir Luna (Ian Veneracion) is a counterfeit painter working in his own studio, the first floor of his home, and lives with his son, Jaime (Bryan Pagala). It is mentioned that his wife died a few years ago, his family lives abroad and he doesn’t have many acquaintances which shows how limited and small the world they live in is. Amir only has social interactions with Nika (Jasmine Curtis Smith), who works for him as an apprentice or assistant and his dealer who sells his forged paintings in the art black market. One time, he is taking photos of a blind woman he hired as model. Amir asked the woman what caused her to be blind. The woman responded with a really sad, but even more, scary story. She told that her own mother is the one who gouged out her eyes using a barbecue stick while humming a lullaby. The story concerning the blind woman is not really important but it adds more darkness in the story. One night, while Amir and his son are going to a fast food restaurant to, they became involved in a car accident. Amir survives this accident but rendered him color-blind while his son suffered comatose. He wakes up after the accident and only to find his life unraveling. He still has medical bills to pay, loss of livelihood due to his color-blindness, and even worse, his son is in the ICU. His world slowly collapses as he tries to overcome these tragedies. While undergoing recovery, he starts to see strange things such as some of his paintings coming to life, and canvasses suddenly turning white (which means empty). While waiting for his son to wake up, he usually stays in the ICU while with Ana (Loren Young), a nurse working in the hospital, and sometimes falls asleep while waiting. Amir is being followed by strange dreams, ones that happen in a universe of the few people who are part of his life: Nica and Jaime, the lawyer who buys his works, the blind woman he had photographed last, and Ana, the nurse looking out for Jaime. Amir’s dreams shows the horror that he is experiencing whether it be in his dream only or in his real life. The plot of the story is certainly interesting and can lead to different intriguing endings, it may also go for an “open ending”. The ending is a little bit cliché and also the lesson of the story doesn’t succeed on convincing us that what he experienced is necessary to learn that lesson.

14. I. 1.1 Introduction

14.1. Puti is directed by Miguel Alcazaren. The opening of the movie, feautures closeup view of an eye which makes the movie really interesting and wondering. The lead actor is Ian Veneracion, he portrayed the role of Amir Luna. Ian Veneracion portrayed the role in his simple actions but because of his passion in acting he portrayed Amir Luna by giving it a whole lot of new identity.

15. Plot Analysis

15.1. Justin & Alex

16. New Topic