Get Found Online in Your Town

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Get Found Online in Your Town by Mind Map: Get Found Online in Your Town

1. How to show up in local search

1.1. Make Web pages local friendly

1.2. Build local search profiles

1.3. Get proactive in ratings & review game

1.4. Get listed, cited & mentioned

1.5. Spread the local social love

2. How to get rockin' reviews

2.1. Do the reference track

2.2. Repurpose testimonials

2.3. Teach the review process

2.4. Give reviews

2.5. Hold a review party

3. Getting other people to promote your local content

3.1. Write a blog

3.2. Guest post on blogs

3.3. Submit posts & articles to directories

3.4. Write social press releases

3.5. Leave lots of relevant comments

3.6. Create profiles

3.7. Use social bookmarking

4. How to get your business in the new location game

4.1. Create virtual rewards programs

4.2. Group buying

4.3. Google Places coupons

4.4. Advertise on mobile coupon networks

4.5. Make your own game

4.6. Get listed with Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla & Facebook Places

5. Created by Dave Rothacker for Service Nation Alliance members