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Online Strategy Principles - Sharewood Formula - by Mind Map: Online Strategy Principles
- Sharewood Formula -
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Online Strategy Principles - Sharewood Formula -

1) Think Strategy, before Technology

Have a plan

But equip yourself to change it

Don't start with tweaking layouts, keywords and content

3) Build visibility

Create valuable content

Credibility, authority

The law of the links

2) Define Direction

Where are you going

Identify first who they are

Focus is the name of the game

The information library

The need to find your niche

4) Create Community

Direct dialogue

No Facade

Me and you

importance of community

list building

5) Offer services, products

You need to ask them!

Find out what they want directly from your community (How to ask them?)

social media


live webinars

This is why Markets are Conversations

6) Diversify

Identify additional revenue streams

Complement existing business model with other income building channels