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Cracking the Native Information Experience by Mind Map: Cracking the Native
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Cracking the Native Information Experience


In the House of Lords, certain new members must, before sitting, be ceremonially "introduced", the ceremony being known as Introduction. Introductions in the Lords are complicated procedures,...

Young Entrepreneur

What's Different

It is a new information environment that is, Networked, Digital, Abundant, Difficult to contain, And what of children who grow up with uncontainable information?

No Celling

Negroponte Quote

In spite of its inception as a tool for the august and older academic community, the average age of an Internet user today is 26 (a number derived with considerable care by MIT undergraduates Jonathan Litt and Craig Wisneski). I expect that number to drop to 15 by the year 2000.

Qualities of the NIE

Fueled by Questions

Ten Million Searches in August, Where were we asking those questions before Google?

Video Games, Assassin's Creed, Questions, How do I finish?, How do I accomplish the goal?, How did we ask those questions?, Find someone, Pick up a pen, Pick up the phone, Wait, They, Go Online

Increases in Broadband during recession

Provokes Communication

They are a Hyperconnected Species

Texting Surpasses Calls, Do you ever apologize for complete spelling & proper punctuation?

We feel Fine

Faces Activity

Pyramid Story

Facebook Statistics

Scratch, The Software, The Community (story)

Teen Texting Grows

Guest Network in Edmonton, The Portal, Statistics


Old Notions of Responsiveness, Mathblaster, New Phonebook, The Video, The Blog

New Notions of Responsiveness, Community, Conversation, Blogging, Blogging Quotes

About Boundaries & Finding Traction, Old Days, Textbook, Chalk Board, Teacher, Tests, School Schedule, New Days, Classmates, Remote Students, Community, Chris Lehmann Story

Demands Personal Investment

Gold Farming

Students making their own Lab Manuals

Students creating political parties

Othello Story


Making & Selling in Second Life

Darren Kuropatwa's Student Scribes

Student Creating own Textbooks -

Safely Made Mistakes

Making a Kilt in Second Life

Maine Guy in Second Life, Second Life Economy

The learn by failing

Hacking the NIE

Fueled by Questions

How am I assessing the learning & the lesson based on their questions as well as on their answers?

Provokes Communication

How does the assignment require the students to rely on each other to fulfile the goals?


How does the assignment talk back?, The New Textbook

Demands Personal Investment

Where is the authentic value of the work & what does it mean to the learner from the learner's point of view?

Safely Made Mistakes

How am I assessing the learning and the lesson based on valuable mistakes?