SL/CR Remaining

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SL/CR Remaining by Mind Map: SL/CR Remaining

1. Carpetright

1.1. Before launch

1.1.1. Unit Price not being shown on back-end order

1.1.2. Narrow your selection on calculator results

1.1.3. Promotions are not applied to unit price Working without "was & now" information on trolley

1.1.4. When a Simple product is added to Trolley description link is being send to page not found

1.1.5. Implement Content Plan Michal (Summit)

1.1.6. Help Link texts on Home Page

1.1.7. 'How is this calculated?' should be a popup without style

1.1.8. Marketing requirements

1.1.9. Redesign & usability improvements Rework on order sample flow system needs to check whether the Customer has a registered address or not. If not, then it has to automatically direct him to the "Enter your address" page and ask him to register one. Once the customer has performed this action, System has to automatically go to Order Sample Form (when Save button has been pressed) and populate the entered address.

1.1.10. Design bugs Michal (Summit)

1.1.11. Fitting calculation Not working for Laminates

1.1.12. SEO

1.1.13. Improve Calculator performance

1.1.14. Bugs 11104 11041 9532 10857 11202 11280 11311 10752 10118 11308 11309 11144 11268

1.2. Post launch

1.2.1. Change Requests CR001 Introduce payment via finance as a new payment option available during checkout CR002 Save basket export to Navision CR007 Carpetright Style Guide CR008 CR order a sample via My Shortlist CR009 Carpetright Book an appointment WSDL to Connect CR013 Advanced search page CR014 Interim basket page CR015 Custom reporting for attribution of sales to conv. Point CR017 Change the ID used for 'book an appointment, order sample and save basket' emails CR041 Paypall using Datacash CR042 Web exclusive Icon CR043 Fitting for Sleepright CR045 Job application form CR046 Flash carrousel on style guide CR047 One delivery charge CR048 You Save' total in trolley CR049 DHD lines on orders - 2 CR051 General enquiry types amend CR053 SR/CR - Usability - Checkout link CR054 Print all order samples CR058 Voucher code CR059 Filter Stores (Sites) using Store id CR060 24 Hour Delivery CR061 Allied Retail CR CR062 Room Designer CR063 On-Line Questionnaire CR064 Customer Forum

2. Sleepright

2.1. post launch

2.1.1. Marketing Issues

2.1.2. Apply error messages style

2.1.3. Improve the Search engine

2.1.4. Fitting&delivery logic

2.1.5. Design and functional bugs