The Power Of Lean IT: Leveraging Technology For Better Business Benefits And Preparing For Cloud ...

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The Power Of Lean IT: Leveraging Technology For Better Business Benefits And Preparing For Cloud Computing by Mind Map: The Power Of Lean IT: Leveraging Technology For Better Business Benefits And Preparing For Cloud Computing

1. John Parkinson,

1.1. Group VP and CTO, TransUnion

1.2. Lean Approach at TU

1.2.1. Simplify, standardize, consolidate, virtualize, measure, manage

1.3. every piece of waste taken out is new capacity for profit and revenue growth!!!!

1.4. grass roots initiative not corporate mandate

1.4.1. people want to do because it makes their day-to-day work easier

1.5. Needed consistent and universal set of tools and measures

1.6. lean at TU

1.6.1. jorney not desitnation

1.6.2. set of tools and practices not religion

1.6.3. self help not corp mandate

1.6.4. modest investments in edu, support and data yield big improvements

1.6.5. "Brilliant and the Basics"

1.6.6. consisten monitoring, measurement and mgmt arch

1.6.7. continuous improv objectives

1.6.8. pref and comp tied to improvements

2. John Swainson, CEO - CA

2.1. Seize current opportunity

2.1.1. winners execute distinctively (eg Lance Armstrong)

2.1.2. Winners pull away after recession

2.1.3. great slide - Linder and McCarthy - Accenture

2.2. Lean IT Sense and Respond

2.2.1. Business Transaction volume varies >> Reallocated resouces >> Prevent problems

2.2.2. New Biz Svs Prioritze based on business objectives

2.2.3. Ensuring ongoing service quality deliver defined svs in accordance with SLAs

2.3. perfect time for lean

2.3.1. how do I improve profit and revenue growth

2.3.2. lean in mgf healthcare retail it

2.3.3. lean - not just removing waste

2.3.4. understanding priorities of business and align

2.3.5. must understand value of the production model

2.4. 96% of IT exec agree their orgs suffer from waste

2.4.1. Analyze (ineff processes 48%)

2.4.2. Automate (duplication of effort 45%)

2.4.3. industrialization of IT Process discipline and automation help overcome IT complexity Deliver greater value at lower cost

2.4.4. Integrate (redundant apps 43%)

2.4.5. Optimize (underutilized assets 40%)

2.5. IT

2.5.1. why hasn't it been applied to IT in the past too much time trying to "keep up" throw more people and hardware at problems not understanding the full process

2.5.2. must understand IT production model

2.5.3. Just-in-Time not Just-in-case perform briskly and perfectly at moment of truth example install hw to handle peaks JIT: provision when needed then redeploy after

3. Cloud Computing & Lean (Swainson)

3.1. advantage of cloud is "changing the economic model of computing"

3.2. much harder than it looks

3.3. challenges

3.3.1. trust what and where do I trust to put sensitive data how to ensure encrypted at every step federated trust - internal and external

3.3.2. Just-in-time resourcing can't do w/o clear insight into capacity needs, service levels need more policy based infrastructure

3.4. CA Labs on Demand

3.4.1. Internal Cloud Enabled by Spectrum Automation Manager

3.4.2. Dozens to four on-demand labs

3.4.3. virtual pool of resources (6-7000 servers)

3.4.4. fast payback - 20 yrs dev time and $4mill in one year

4. Lean / Six Sigma / ITTL

4.1. 6Sig

4.1.1. statistics

4.1.2. helps on measures and priority

4.1.3. aligned with lean

4.1.4. variability analysis very important to lean

4.2. ITTL

4.2.1. framework only

4.2.2. what process should have but not how to do it