Hot Mail

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Hot Mail by Mind Map: Hot Mail

1. Rules

1.1. All activities which happens within the last one week only - related to hot mail

1.2. Refer Design doc for UI Verification

1.3. WHO

1.3.1. Sending hot mail for people who have not logged for 7 days

1.3.2. We send a mail on 7th day

1.3.3. If the 7th day is a weekend we should send the mail on the following monday

2. User Specific

2.1. Mobile

2.1.1. Content Any one who has logged in to the mobile app for the 1st time Top 5 Users who have been actively using the mobile app in the last 1 week

2.1.2. Whom to send ? We send this content only to users who are not using mobile app Users who have not logged in for the last 2 weeks through mobile app

2.2. Web-Notification

2.2.1. Content All the web-notifications of the last 1 week for that user

2.2.2. Whom to send ? WHO

3. Project Specific

3.1. New Member

3.1.1. Content Who have joined in the last 1 week for each project

3.1.2. Whom to send ? WHO

3.2. Conversations

3.2.1. Popular Post Content Number of comments ( more weightage) Number of likes Whom to send ? WHO

3.2.2. Tags Content Top 5 tags in the week Whom to send ? WHO