The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Mind Map: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

1. Relationships, outcomes, and productions used

1.1. Charlie and Patrick

1.1.1. Close relationship. Patrick is Charlie's first friend at high school. He encourages him and introduced him to his group of friends. Charlie depends on Patrick for a lot of his happiness and inclusiveness. He feels like he belongs with Patrick. Charlie consoles Patrick when Brad ignores him and tries to help when he is feeling unloved. He gets into a fight to save Patrick from Brad’s friends and earns back his friendship. Their relationship becomes extremely strong by the end of the film, each with a respect for each other. In the scene at the park, where Charlie and Patrick’s relationship really comes together, the lighting is dark, but their faces are highlighted. This emphasises that they are alone, but each of them provide some light for the other. Patrick’s distinct clothing choices contrast with Charlie’s very basic clothes. Patrick speaks with a lot of confidence; quite the opposite of Charlie. Wide shots in this scene emphasise their solitude. ADDITIONS (AFTER PROJECT COMPLETION) After further exploring the relationship between Patrick and Charlie I have learnt that there relationship relies on a lot more than friendliness and inclusion. Patrick keeps up a façade to Charlie, pretending to be happy-go-lucky a lot of the time. But, in fact, when he is honest with Charlie he lets him know that he is lonely and wants to be loved. This is quite different from the happy, confident version of himself that is usually presented to the world.

1.2. Charlie and Sam

1.3. Charlie and Mr Anderson

1.3.1. Charlie has a lot of respect for his English teacher. Mr Anderson gives him extra books to write essays for and encourages Charlie to one day write his own book. He is encouraging and kind and is very friendly to Charlie, who obviously has no friends in his year. He offers Charlie a safe haven in school. Mr Anderson is dressed very formally, and this emphasises his role and authority over Charlie. All camera shots aim to show his height over Charlie, highlighting his authority. They are only seen together in English class, Charlie's only time he can be himself at school – his safe haven.

1.3.2. Very close friendship, Charlie’s second friend he makes at high school. Obviously attracted to her from the moment they meet. Has a crush on her and wants her to be happy. Have lots of things in common. Finally confess feelings out in the open when she leaves for college. They love each very much, in more ways than one. Sam has a very distinct, indie style of clothing which contrasts greatly with Charlie’s generic jeans and tshirt that he often wears. She wears a lot of pretty, flattering makeup that emphasises Charlie’s crush on her. In the scene where they share their first kiss, the lighting is dark and warm, empahasising the fact that they are alone, they feel safe and warm with each other. Soft music plays to make the moment seem very beautiful and momentous.

1.4. Patrick and Brad

1.4.1. Very complicated relationship. Patrick is openly gay whereas Brad is still ‘in the closet’. He is a footballer with a very religious father and is afraid to be open about who he is. They ‘hook up’ while Brad gets drunk for seven months, and then Patrick eventually persuades him to love him sober. At school they do not associate themselves with each other, hiding their feelings. Then, when Brad’s father catches them together he beats Brad while Patrick runs. After Brad calls Patrick a “faggot” at school they fight, before Charlie stops it. They do not get together again. Patrick’s individual clothing contrasts very much to Brad’s generic football-jock type clothing. This shows how different they are as people. In the scene in which Patrick confronts Brad, close up shots show how he knows what Brad’s friends don’t know. He is pissed of and hurt, and so much emotion is conveyed in his face. Showing Patrick from the back when he walks away and then stops when Brad abuses him, emphasises the hurt that Patrick feels.

1.5. Charlie and Mary Elizabeth

1.5.1. One sided romantic relationship. Mary Elizabeth asks Charlie to a school dance after performing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He is too nervous to say no. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and ends up ‘hooking up’ with her. She claims that he is now her boyfriend. Charlie is obviously not comfortable but doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. She is overbearing and selfish. He ends the relationship when he kisses Sam in a game of truth or dare, causing a lot of drama and tension in the group. She then tells him she is dating a guy from college. He says he just wants her to be happy. Mary Elizabeth is very concerned with her appearances, as opposed to Charlie who doesn’t at all. With her shaved head, bold makeup and distinct clothes she is very opposite to Charlie. She is spiteful, opinionated and clingy. When she forces Charlie to become her boyfriend she is very overbearing. Wide angle shots like the one in the cafeteria emphasise how “all-over” she is, compared to everyone else who is sitting on their own chairs. Dark lighting paired with Charlie’s illuminates shocked face, like on the night of the dance emphasise how nervous and out-of-his-depth he is.

1.6. Mary Elizabeth and Sam

1.6.1. Complicated relationship. Have been friends for six(?) years. Like the same music and hang out with same group of friends. Both like Charlie, but Mary Elizabeth forces him to be his girlfriend. When Charlie kisses Sam we are told that there is history between them with other guys. We see them still sitting at the same table but not talking. We don’t really know the outcome of the relationship, but they graduate together and go off to different colleges. Mary Elizabeth dresses and does her makeup in a very bold fashion, and Sam dresses quite differently to everyone else at school. Though their fashion choices are different from each other, they are the same in that they both differ from the norm of fashion of the rest of the school. In the scene when Charlie kisses Sam in the truth or dare game, both of their faces are filled with hurt. Their faces tell us that there is history, that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened

2. Key points/moments that develop the narrative

2.1. 2. Football: - Gains courage to sit with Patrick, meets sam. - They go to Kings (His first friend socialising)

2.1.1. In this scene, we see Charlie slowly make his way up to Patrick, to show that he is shy. Wide angle shots emphasise how alone he is.

2.2. 3. Social: - The school dance - Goes to his first party with Sam and Patrick - 'Baked as a cake' - Makes friends, finds friendship group - They go in the car and sam goes flying - He feels infinite - Rock horror show

2.2.1. When Charlie, Sam and Patrick go in the car, the camera view shows Charlie's face close up, and we see his emotions as he begins to feel 'infinite.'

2.2.2. In the car, the camera angle is from behind to show Sam lifting her arms to the sky. This makes her look powerful and in control, giving the viewer the idea that it is a memorable moment. She is shown as a dove, or a bird of elegance and power. She is seen as beautiful to Charlie and it increases his love for her.

2.2.3. Durring the school dance, Come on Eileen plays, and Charlie is against the wall. Though in the middle of the song, the melody dies out and there is a constant beat, this is when Charlie walks up to Sam and Patrick, wit the music matching his determination.

2.3. 4. Relationships grow: -Begins to tutor Sam - Secret Santa, gives extra presents and receives a gift from sam. - Sam kisses charlie " I want your first kiss to be from someone who really loves you." - Brother comes home, for christmas. And from that we learn that he is okay "I can switch it off even if it does."

2.3.1. When Charlie begins tutoring Sam, the camera angle shows them both from a far off angle; which gives us the ability to see the banners of time being hung up and taken down, to symbolise time passing. They are shown as two people together over tong periods of time. This shows that their friendship lasted a long while, and that they are important to eachother.

2.4. 5. Relations: - "Things are starting to get bad again." At party, takes drugs, is upset about sam and Craig. Wanted things to go further and kiss her at midnight but this was unable to happen due to the boyfriend. - Things start getting bad again, flashbacks. - Found in hospital "You're seeing things?" - Rocky horror show, sub in for main character. ( Relationships grow back) - Mary Elisabeth asks Charlie out a) Sadie Hawkins dance b) Her house c) Continuous dating

2.4.1. The new years party: Charlie is without Sam, he is sitting on the couch, watching Sam and Craig walk away from the party to go into a bedroom, seen at an upward camera angle, showing them as above him, him being alone. This angle shows the viewer how alone he really feels.

2.4.2. Charlie's mother asks him if he is seeing things again. When she does this she looks down at Charlie, giving the impression of power and also great concern in his health.

2.5. 6. The strong actions: - Kisses the wrong girl at truth or dare - Friends reject him for more than 2 weeks - Charlie gets bad again - Charlie defends Patrick at cafeteria when Patrick gets into a fight with Brad. - Charlie does not remember and friends take him back. - Patrick is saddened by the event and kisses charlie in his attempt to find "a nice guy." (Their friendship is unmoved.) - The teacher is staying at the school - Last day of school for the close friends. - Going away party, has relations with sam but gains flash backs. - Has to say goodbye to everyone.

2.5.1. Truth or dare: all siting in a circle, visible cups filled with alcohol presumably. Camera is constantly moving around the group, and Charlie kisses Sam. Mary-Elizabeth runs out of the room, Sam runs after her and the rest of the group shun Charlie. The Cafeteria: Friends have rejected him for over 2 weeks, as told by him on his type writer, and Charlie is getting bad again. We see Charlie sitting in the Cafeteria alone again. Patrick walks into cafeteria and is tripped by one of Brad's jock friends. Patrick tries to confront Brad and Brad calls him a "Faggot" and Patrick hits him. Other jocks fight Patrick, and he is losing. Sam, Mary-Elizabeth, and Alice, all try and fight them off but get hurt and pushed away. Charlie comes out of nowhere and fights all the people hurting Patrick, though he doesn't remember because he "blacked out" and says to the guys "Touch my friends again and I'll blind you." After Charlie walks out from the school to go home, he runs into Sam, who thanks him and takes him back as a friend; "come on, let's go be psychos together". Last Day of School and Going Away Party:

2.5.2. Charlie goes to hit Brad in the face, as he does this the screen goes black. From this we know that Charlie has blacked out and possibly does not know what has happened.

2.6. 7. "Things are getting bad again. And this time I can't turn it off." - The events with sam caused him to think he was responsible for Aunts death. -Mental breakdown, suicide attempt and calls his sister. - Wakes up in Psychiatric hospital, Gets better but only after the parents are informed of what his Aunty did to him (past).

2.6.1. We see Charlie from a side angle, slowly moving up to show him frantically trying to connect with Mary E. This observation from the outside gives the viewer the option to inspect the whole situation.

2.7. 8. Resolution: - Comes back home - Patrick at the door, "Can charlie come out and play?" - The three of them (Sam, Char & Pat) go in the car and play the tunnel song. Charlie kisses sam, and stands up in the tunnel. - "and in this moment I swear, we are infinite."

2.7.1. Charlie's mother opens to the door to Patrick. This setting was quite important because it showed the 're-opening' of friendship for Charlie. At this moment, the symbol of opening the door is shown from the view of Charlie, to present the connection of friendship again.

2.8. 1. Begins by tying to his 'friend' His first day at school, discusses 1385 days left - Becomes friends with eng teacher - we discover he is intelligent in english but quiet - No friends - We meet Patrick, makes fun of teacher - Bullied "high school is even worse than middle school" - "I'm happy and sad at the same time and I'm still wondering how that can be"

2.8.1. The last day of school imagination: Charlie is shown walking down the hall, from a far angle. We see him looking as non happy and as non sad as always. Which is a scene cut from later on in the film when it is the last day of that school year.

3. Character Development

3.1. Influences

3.1.1. Sam charlie influences Sam to see that she deserves better then she thinks Sam "Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing?" Charlie "We accept the love we think we deserve."

3.1.2. Charlie his aunt cause of death sexual abuse was not her fault Sam sense of belonging helps him talk about things that he doesn't talk about to anyone else Mr. Andersen helps Charlie open up writing the letters to his"friend"

3.1.3. Aunt Helen Her rough childhood influenced how she acted towards Charlie

3.2. Devlopment

3.2.1. Charlie Learns to talk about his issues We are shown how Sam helps Charlie open when showing that they have similar stories. When they were talking about their first kiss Sam opened up and Charlie started to. But it was at the hospital when he learned that to get better he has to open up about what happened to him. “My doctor said we can't choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there. I know it's not all the answers but it was enough to start putting these pieces together.” Proud of who he is Charlie throughout the film was struggling with being happy with himself, and not feeling like a Wallflower but like he was a part of something. When Charlie stands up on the back of the truck in the tunnel it signifies Charlie braking free finally becoming proud of who he is. He is no longer the Wallflower but has a place in the world. Because “This one moment when you know your not a sad story, you are alive and you stand up and you see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder and your listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. An in this moment I swear we are infinite.” Makes friends The start of the friendship was shown by Charlie attempting to talk to Patrick at the game. Patrick it not only heard above everyone but has lots of close ups to. Charlie who is attempting to make friends slowly moves seats. He goes from the bottom to next o Patrick where he says a simple ‘Hi’, which then turns into a conversation. Which leads to Charlie getting invited out with Sam and Patrick, which lead to a strong friendship.

3.2.2. Sam works hard to get into college talked about Is shown by being in the café and studying with Charlie. They use a long shot to show the setting and the use of banners to help show time passes. Also the use of music shows as time passes. learns that she deserves more then she thinks “We accept the love we think we deserve.”We are shown multiple times throughout the film by the different scenarios at how badly she has bee treated. Although it is shown through Charlie and how he treats Sam the way she should be treated. It is shown in the scene before Sam leaves how she learns that she deserves better. The use of close up shots helps show how each character is feeling, by not only the music but their facial expressions.

3.2.3. Patrick learns or tries to be happy with who he is Patrick attempts at trying to be happy with who he is by saying that he feels good and free that he can truly be who he is. The film clip is set at night, overlooking the city. Patrick uses a fake myth to explain to Charlie what is bother him and how it is affecting him. The camera shots are close up capturing both characters expressions and emotions.

3.2.4. Cadice learns to stand up for herself against Ponytail Derek She got the courage to break up and do what made her happy; Charlie narrated this entire scene. Charlie who has tried to explain to Candice that there are people who care about her and that she deserves better.

3.3. Decisions

3.3.1. Charlie Helps sam with her exams to hopefully become closer in the cafe a medium shot is used looking at sam and charlie sitting together with all the books as it zooms pst them and a new banner is put up behind them to show a time has past, the musci changes as well to go with the theme of the time becoming sick again and not speaking up letting people see who he really is opening about his past

3.3.2. Sam forgives Charlie for making her relationship with Mary-Elizabeth more tense For her to be Charlie's first 'kiss' both charlie and sam are sitting on the bed and we have a medium shot looking past charlie's head as though we are looking at this from his point of view

3.3.3. Patrick Pursue his relationship with Brad as a secret knowing that it was highly unlikely to ever work we see brad and patrick in a dark room at the party when charlie catches them together, they were trying to hidden from everyone else Brad not sticking up for Patrick when brad's friend thinks it funny when he trips patrick

3.3.4. Aunt helen to treat her nephew the way she was sexually abused

3.3.5. Brad not being able to come to turns with who he is when patrick retells the story and two boys who like each other but the dad doesnt approve and he catches them together and the beats up the boy lies about what happen when he turns up to school with bruises on his faces at the canteen when patricks gets tripped we see brad face as though he wants to stand up for patrick but he knows the outcome if he does so instead he laughs

3.3.6. Mr. Anderson welcomes Charlie and respects who he is multiple shots between him and charlie after class giving him new books and look at charlie's writing at the end of the year charlie hugs mr.anderson for a long time, in a way saying thanks for everything he has done for him this year doesn't leave to pursue his writing

3.4. Motivations

3.4.1. Charlie Friendship sense of belonging getting better Getting better Everything that helped motivate Charlie to become stronger and better was all thanks to her new friends. This was shown through the tunnel scene, through his friends always making sure that he was all right, making him feel like he belongs somewhere. Charlie not only is shown how important friendship is but how important friendship is to him.

3.4.2. Brad Lying to not lose his reputation Lying to not lose his reputation This is shown through the scene in the cafeteria where Patrick attempts at trying to get Brad to stand up fro him and who he really is but only makes things worse. Brad finally shows who he is and how he isn’t as strong as Patrick. The camera tracking shots are used to help show the action and what goes on, close up shots are used to help illustrate how each character feels and the emotions on each characters face.

3.4.3. Patrick the hope of finding love

3.4.4. Sam working hard to get into college the help of Charlie changing her reputation drugs and drinking having people support and love her for who she is Sam works hard to change who she was, with the help of not only Charlie but also everyone around her especially her brother. The scene that helps show how important these two people are in her life was the scene where she gets told whether she gets into the college or not. In this scene the use of panning is used to show the reaction of the characters, also long shots to show the sets and close up to show the full reactions.

3.4.5. Candice dumbing ponytail Derek being loved for who she is being with someone who appreciates her

3.5. Additions(after project completion)

3.5.1. Charlie Charlie has difficult understanding the concept of love Stood up for he believed in when he knew what was happening was wrong

3.5.2. Patrick Was blinded by the love he had for Brad that he never realised that they could never truly be together as Brad chose his reputation over him

3.5.3. Sam wonders why people choose the wrong people to love wants to be loved for who she is