Business Technology for Global Collaboration

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Business Technology for Global Collaboration by Mind Map: Business Technology for Global Collaboration

1. Trends Driving Business Complexity

1.1. Global value chains

1.2. consumerization

1.2.1. 4000 empoyees bring their own Macs

1.3. information overload

1.4. worker mobility

2. Lean Principles

2.1. eliminate waste

2.1.1. Cisco's Global Sales Meeting goes virtual 19,000 attendees / 89 countries Used Cisco TelePresence, WebEx, Cisco TV Increased productivity Reduced emissions saved $70M travel/productivity

2.2. add value

2.2.1. Video surveillance + analytics at Cabela's video analytics scopix align staff levels with customer traffic detect and help un-aided customers loiterer detection (?) no more than 3 customers in line at checkout software counts people in line 10% in rvenues 23 M yearly benefit $1.4M one-time investment

2.3. adding flexibility

2.3.1. P&G Telepresence $40M annual travel savings 1000 mtgs / month 67% Utilization ROI 3 months use for focus groups

3. Video Strategy

3.1. Any-to-any

3.1.1. Integration benefits

3.1.2. unlock from silos

3.1.3. Any content

3.2. End to End

3.3. Platform Systems Services

4. Cisco beliefs

4.1. video is at the heart of collaboration

4.1.1. embed in all collaborative tools

4.1.2. Own intranet is 65% video enabled

4.1.3. collaboration as the way to work

4.1.4. big announcement on Nov 9

4.2. why now

4.2.1. rising need for video

4.2.2. more video devices

4.2.3. more video apps

4.2.4. IT not ready reduce complexity accelerate deployment optimize quality of experience

4.3. medianet

4.3.1. previous intranets

4.3.2. then extranets

4.3.3. next medianets

4.4. experience

4.4.1. iphone

4.4.2. wii

4.4.3. cisco telepresence

4.4.4. all did software, hardware and network

5. Key messages

5.1. Optimize networks for rich media

5.2. leverage broad range of video systems

5.2.1. don't think of as point solutions

5.2.2. all will blend eventually

5.2.3. don't think webconf vs e learn vs...

5.3. transform business with collaboration

5.3.1. IT can lead being an experience provider

6. Questions

6.1. Slingbox vs. medianet

6.1.1. slingbox is trying different things to make it work

6.1.2. network not optimized for changes in experience

6.1.3. have network do more heavy lifting rather than the software/hardware

6.2. past IT about streamlining transactions

6.2.1. future more about collaboration and self-serve

6.3. bottlenecks

6.3.1. find

6.3.2. share

6.3.3. spoken narrative New node

6.3.4. SEE ANSWER 35:00 track 4

6.4. regulatory obligations for video (36:30)

6.4.1. the technologies are evolving faster than the regulations

7. Guido Jouret

7.1. VP CTO Emerging Technologies

8. Connection people and info is hard

8.1. IT has had a text and data obsession

8.2. Challenge to explore video

8.2.1. video says it all

8.2.2. most immersive experience

8.2.3. 64% of communication is non-verbal

8.2.4. one third of the human cortex is dedicated to vision