Inclusive Practice and Autism PP Presenters

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Inclusive Practice and Autism PP Presenters by Mind Map: Inclusive Practice and Autism PP Presenters

1. Perspective

1.1. General Ed Teachers are hungry for helpful Strategies

1.1.1. Resources-were teachers given access to books and website to reference after the workshop.

1.2. In the presentation assume that the audience is teaching in an inclusive setting. Then, reverse the assumption and touch on how things would look in a self-contained setting.

1.3. Materials for Workshop should use examples of inclusive settings to give people a vision of what is possible

2. Workshop Descriptions

2.1. Marketing-Are the workshop invites reaching Gen. Ed. Teachers?

2.2. List in the description the benefits of the workshop for General Ed. Teachers

3. Philosophy

3.1. Anne Donnelan-Least Dangerous Assumption

3.2. Paula Kluth

3.3. Michael Gengrecko inclusive guidelines

3.4. June Downings (including students with Severe Disabilities in Gen. Ed. Settings

3.5. Marilyn Friend

3.5.1. Accommodations and modifications Considerations

3.5.2. Information on Inclusive Practice for Administrators

3.6. Richard Simpson

4. Language

4.1. Talk more about IEP Teams

4.2. Expectations for language

4.3. Call all teachers educators instead of always specifying Spec. Ed and Gen. Ed.

5. Endorsing Ziggurat and CAPS and comprehensive planning models that indicate all IEP team Members are a part of planning and implementing strategies

6. Create a worksheet listing practices/strategies related to autism that actually benefit all students

6.1. Visual Supports

6.2. Schedules

6.3. Sensory Strategies

7. Empower Gen. Ed. teachers to feel comfortable and confident in their teaching skills as they relate to students with autism.

7.1. Give Gen. Ed. Teachers the power to believe the good teaching they do, relates to good teaching for students with Autism.

8. Create a list of benefits of Self-Contained, and inclusive settings, highlighting the idea that a comprehensive model in an inclusive setting allows for greater generalization.