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Monthly blogging schedule by Mind Map: Monthly blogging schedule
5.0 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5

Monthly blogging schedule

Types of Big Value Posts

Numbered list

Ressource compilation

Serialized articles


Week 1

Big Value Post #1

Filler Post #1

Week 2

Filler Post #2

Multimedia Post #1

Week 3

Big Value Post #2

Filler Post #3

Week 4

Multimedia Post #2

Filler Post #4

Types of Filler Posts

Story telling

Product review / comparison




Guest posts


Types of Multimedia Posts






How to use this map

Use this map to plan your blog posts in advance.

To keep your followers interested you should alternate between the different types of posts

Choose a type of post from the left side of the map and add it to your schedule on the right side

Add the topic of your post underneath the type, then add links to resources, notes, drafts and files