Ramp Up a Systematic Referral Machine

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Ramp Up a Systematic Referral Machine by Mind Map: Ramp Up a Systematic Referral Machine

1. Created by Dave Rothacker for Service Nation Alliance members

2. Referral marketing is...

3. A little queasy about referral marketing? Get over it!

4. A Purple Cow Secret - actually this is the very ESSENCE of business success!!

5. Educate your sources - provide details on:

5.1. How to spot your ideal client

5.2. Your core message

5.3. Your referral marketing message

5.4. A call to action

6. One seriously stoked idea on this education process

7. Make it easy for your referral sources to refer you. See pages 207-210

8. The simplest referral tactic on the planet

9. Create Killer Referral Partner Network

9.1. Recruit &introduce

9.2. Create content opportunities

9.3. Conduct video interviews

9.4. Acquire special offers

9.5. Make referrals

9.6. Rate & review

9.7. Create events

10. Five core referral offers

10.1. Offer special pricing

10.2. Will work for referrals

10.3. Help a worthy cause

10.4. Give gift certificates

10.5. 100% refund for referrals

11. Referral partnerships

11.1. Distribute marketing materials

11.2. Send endorsement

11.3. How to get partners?

12. Generate referrals without asking

12.1. Implied referrals

12.2. Pardon our dust

12.3. Networking

12.4. Network with rich & famous

12.5. Online referral networks

13. Speak & Grow opportunities

13.1. Hold a workshop

13.2. Partnership workshop strategies

13.3. Workshop as marketing tool tips

14. Speaking as marketing considerations

14.1. Find out about potential attendees

14.2. Tailor presentation to audience

14.3. Prepare one-page, note-taking handout w/ your contact info

14.4. Create info product in exchange for contact info

14.5. Create testimonial feedback page

14.6. Follow up with participants

15. Become a better speaker

15.1. Bring passion to your talk

15.2. Watch TED speakers

15.3. Practice