Chapter 7:Threading

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Chapter 7:Threading by Mind Map: Chapter 7:Threading

1. Lession 1:Creating Threads

1.1. Simple Threads

1.1.1. Create a Thread

1.1.2. Using Thread.Join

1.1.3. Thread Priority

1.1.4. Using Multiple Threads

1.2. Passing Data to threads

1.3. Stopping Threads

1.4. Execution Context

2. Lession 2: Sharing Data

2.1. Avoiding Collision

2.2. Synchronization Locks

2.2.1. Understanding Deadlocks

2.2.2. Other Synchronization Methods

3. Lession 3:The Asynchronous Programming Model

3.1. Understanding Asynchronous Programming(APM)

3.2. Using the ThreadPool

3.3. Using Timer Objects