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Advisory by Mind Map: Advisory

1. Anna - Too much to do, so little time!

1.1. me too!

2. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Albert Einstein

3. 2 What is the greatest obstacle you face at school?

3.1. Anna - Doing every piece of homework on time and correctly, along with my activities and fun stuff I like to do

3.2. Hailey-Changing classes

3.3. My brother-Matt

3.4. Karoli-homework

3.5. Mariana-reading

4. 3 Who can you ask for help?

4.1. Hailey-teacher

4.2. Anna - Anyone who's good at the subject I am working on, teachers, parents, etc.

4.3. Matt-My Moma

4.4. Karoli-my parents

4.5. Mariana-an adult

4.6. Alli-Mr.Wolf

4.7. My parents

5. 5 Will you ask for help? Why or Why not

5.1. Anna - I only ask for help if I am completely stuck on something. Otherwise, I try and solve it myself.

5.2. Hailey-Maybe because sometime I feel weird asking for help and sometimes I don't! :0

5.3. john-Yes Because I need help

5.4. Matt-Yes so my brother will not beat me up

5.5. Karoli-depends on what the subject is, but I might not want help because I have to learn how to do stuff on my own

5.6. Mariana-yes so I don't ever stay struggled

6. 4 Can they help?

6.1. Hailey-Most likely

6.2. Anna - Depends on the subject and the difficulty of the problem or worksheet

6.3. Matt- yes

6.4. Karoli-depends on what I'm asking

6.5. Mariana-yes

6.6. Some times

7. What obstacles are you facing

7.1. John-Homework

7.2. Changing classes

7.3. Hailey-my brother

7.4. Homework

7.5. Karoli-practing instrument everyday

7.5.1. Mariana-speaking out loud

7.6. Alli-Older Sister

8. New node