Becoming a Master Student

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Becoming a Master Student by Mind Map: Becoming a Master Student

1. Memory

1.1. Learn Actively

1.1.1. Sit up straight

1.1.2. Sit on the edge of your chair

1.1.3. Study standing up

1.2. Recite and Repeat

1.2.1. Repeat what you read out loud

1.2.2. Recite concepts in your own words

2. Time

2.1. Use a regular study area

2.1.1. Designate a desk or special table and study there everytime

2.2. Use a long-term planner

2.2.1. When you recieve a class syllabus enter test and important due dates

3. Reading

3.1. Muscle Reading

3.1.1. Before you read Preview, outline, question

3.1.2. While you read Read, underline, answer

3.1.3. After you read Recite, review, review again

3.2. Reading Fast

3.2.1. Move your eyes faster, it may help to follow a finger or 3x5 notecard while you read

3.2.2. Skim your text if you are pressed for time

4. Learning Styles

4.1. Find your learning style

4.1.1. VAK System

4.1.2. Multiple Intelligence Scale

4.1.3. Learning Style Inventory

4.2. Use your learning style to best absorb new material

5. Notes

5.1. Use key words

5.1.1. When taking notes write down key words (concepts, technical terms, names, numbers etc.)

5.1.2. Key words can also be used to create a mind map

5.2. Review

5.2.1. Review notes within 24 hours to help move them to the long term memory