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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project
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Desktop Project

Target Audience

14-20 year olds


Both Gender

Media Students



Media based so that students using the computers can relate to it and also if it is media based it has many different things which you can do with it

Fonts to include

What To Include

Appropriate Images

Nothing offensive towards others

Appropriate Language

No swearing


2 Points from the student charter

Appropriate Theme


20 Desktop Icons



Stand out

Not too many colours included so that it does not look too crowded however it still looks appealing

Colours that match the Shipley college logo


Bold so that people can easily read things on the screen

Clearly visable

Not too much text included so it does not seem boring

Attractive readable font like Arial or Tahoma.

Appropriate coloured text


Shipley College Logo

Not too many images included as room is needed for desktop icons and if too many images are included then it would look cramped and unorganised