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Climate Change by Mind Map: Climate Change
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Climate Change

UE: Arctic Ice May Disappear in a Decade

Unterichtseinheit von Sean Banville aus Breaking News English

Al Gore on Twitter

Al's Journal: "three bombs"

Google Earth Climate Introductory Tour

Short vieo from Al Gore's movie good for introducing the topic

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

She addressed a UN Meeting on issue of environment- Very impressing message!!!!

Raise your voice on climate change

Youtube Channel of Cop15: Bring your voice to the world leaders at COP15 – the most important climate change conference in a decade. As nations seek an agreement to protect the world we want your views from across the spectrum. What needs to be done? How do the issues affect you? Do you agree there needs to be action? Send us a video with your views, opinions and questions. The best contributions will be aired during the COP15 CNN/YouTube TV debate on December 15.

Climate Change and Displacement